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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Life on 2nd & 3rd of November 2009

I found this while browsing through my hard disk....
A year ago...my life quite berhambur?hahaha...*mmg selalu berhambur pun....*

My Life 2nd of November 2009

            I’m now at Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut 1. I feel so sleepy and boring here. So I decided to type something to release my tension. Today is USM 1st day of exam. I have attends an examination this morning at DUP C. I’m seated the most in front seat. I’m so shocked because I think this is my first time seat at the most front seat. My seat number is 041. Somehow, I like the number. The paper that I attend today was introduction to management paper. I got the clue to answer but it’s hard for me to write in English because I seldom write in English. But I have the faith that I will get an ‘A’ for this subject(I didn't get A for this paper!so frustrated!). This morning, I had a strange dream. It’s like an interesting story but I can’t remember the storyline. I just remember that my brother’s, Ridwan and Raymie is inside the dream. The scariest part is when I feel that my tooth is loose. It was so strange. I never a dream like that before. And now I’m scared. One more thing is, this morning I message my dad, Tony, Ridwan, R, M, C, and K. I message them to get blessing from them but I made some typing error and it’s like an omen to my-self. Luckily realize my typing error and I correct the message. All of them already reply me except K. Before going to exam hall, I want to speak with my mom but she wasn’t home. I just need someone to talk. It’s been a long time since I had a conversation with my mom. I want to ask whether she know what is the meaning of the dream. But I really had a bad feeling about the dream. Tomorrow morning I still have exam, business statistic. I don’t have any courage this subject. It’s just that I don’t like calculate and count or whatever it is. Also want to write here, my friend that I known when I come to KL last time had confessed to me that he like me. I’m not so shock just that I didn’t expect that he will confess in that way. It is so funny. But after that day, he haven’t message or call me. I don’t know how to react this confession. Should I give him feedback or just wait until he asks me again. That day he just confessed but he didn’t ask for my answer. So I just keep quite until now. I think that better for me to go back to my hostel now. My eye lid it’s like had glue. I cannot bear my dizziness at this rate I will be collapsed if I didn’t go back sleep.

11/2/2009 3:14:23 PM-

My Life on 3rd of November 2009
            Today I was so stressed. The business statistic paper was damn confusing and challenging. And the bad thing, I can’t even answer 1 question completely. What can I do now? Just wait and hope for miracle (which is seldom happen). This morning, I had a dream again. And again it was so confusing and scary. I dream of my grandma, she was so relax. We are back from visiting our relative. I’m with a guy which is I’m not sure who he is. In my dream I have asked my grandma about the dream that I had yesterday. Strange isn’t it? She explained to me that the dream was a sign of sickness. After explaining to me, she suddenly back to ‘her’ place. She already passed away and she knew about it. She just said that sometimes she saw herself walking at this world as a human. The most surprising is I had my own house. It was big and comfortable. Suddenly, the house is rocked by sea waves. It almost sunk the house and I was shouting to call the guy that with me in the beginning but he didn’t answer me and I can’t find him. Then one of my neighbors came to my house and telling me to move out from the house because it’s like something big will happen at the beach. I don’t want to move out at first because I don’t want to leave the house. So I decided to bring the house with me. I carry the house! I walked to the village carrying the house with me. And I saw AZ and IM in my dream! AZ said that looks like I was carrying the something and asked what it is. And I answer I’m carrying my house and it was so heavy! He looked at me and laughs out loud. When I turned my back, the house suddenly became so small and almost the size of my bag! Then IM asked me where is the guy that was so strong that with me. Then I pointed my finger to my front. He sounded jealous and yet to fool me. I continue my journey to find a place to put my ‘house’. Then I was arrived at a place that my neighbor took me. The place is so scary, it look like it was haunted then I saw an old man that came out from the house. My neighbor said that the old man had been living there for a long time. The environment was so nice and the old house looked like it had been empty for a long time. And I decided to stay there. The other situation showed. I was in a bus and about to arrive to my destination. When I want to get out from the bus, someone surpass me and I was so angry because her action like so disobedient. And when I thought want to beat her, she turned her back and said that why I can’t change my behavior that always want to beat people. I was shocked, she is Debra! After that I can’t remember anything or I already awake. Last night I sleep at 11.30pm, and wake up at 3am to continue my revision on business statistic which is I can’t answer this morning. I just came back from watching Tari Tirana at TV room. The series was so nice and I was touched to see it. Now I want to study business communication. The paper was tomorrow afternoon but feel bored so I decided to type something about my life today. It’s like I back to my routine, writing something that happened in my life everyday. I already quit this habit since I was with K. Since we are not related as couple now, the habit is come back just like that. I just hope that I didn’t back to my old behavior and being taken lightly by people around me. It was so hard to build back my pride back after I had destroyed it long time ago. I just can’t let my pride broken again. I don’t have anyone that can support me to build back my pride again if I messed it up this time. I think it’s better for me to stop typing since I have to revise my business communication and maybe some of financial accounting. Adios~
11/3/2009 11:10:14 PM-

*the names of the people are not mentioned to keep the privacy...nnt kontroversi lagi...LOL*

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