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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Social medias

yeah, as promised, another entry. This will be quite short. Yes, short.

Initially on previous post, I want to talk about this things that I will write here but I strayed. Hahaha. Typical me. Lost focus. Okay, actually I just want to talk about my social media discovery these few months. It was really awesome, addictive and make you want more than you needed. Exaggerate? You will not say it after you tried it. 

I'm not updated with fashion trend nor style. I can say that my sense of fashion and style is totally beginner or maybe lower than beginner. I never really into fashion. The girl that always in mess look, my hair always in a mess, casually wear whatever available in her wardrobe (mostly are university t-shirt) and ... *this has to stop, I will downgrade myself further. Hahaha* Because of my work, I have to be more fashion conscious. I really think that I will be in a mess, so I got it right. But that doesn't mean I didn't give my very best to do it. I take this job as social lesson. Positive! :)

Okay, Facebook and Twitter are no new for me. I have that one. Mostly used for procrastination, complaining, and self expression. Hahaha. What's new then? Pinterest, Indulgy, StumbleUpon and Tumblr. Okay, I've heard Tumblr before and never really open and check it. Outdated to that extend. Me and my self locked fantasy world.

Pinterest is a social media that is very big in US or any part of the world that I don't know(which is quite  a lot). HAHAH. You can like, pin and comment on the pictures and save it to your own folder there. Fashion? Pet? Travel? Art? Recipe? As long as they have picture, you can put it there. Awesome? Yeah! And be careful because its very addictive! Follow awesome people that post awesome pictures and you will have more desire to add up to the currently desire you have. Try it guys, its really awesome. *okay, I have the feeling that most people know about Pinterest. Hahahah*

Moving to next one, Indulgy . This one is awesome too! Omaigooddd. Its new compared to Pinterest but I love Indulgy more because they maximize the pictures display. It doesn't offer much information compared to Pinterest but I can assure that you will enjoy to view pictures in Indulgy. Their tagline is, Everyone deserves a perfect world! Yeah, so check that websites for more information. My words is subjective, the pictures there will tell you more.

StumbleUpon is a website that have collections of the websites worldwide! Everyone can find websites and share their website there for more audience. For a person that doesn't really have specific interest when finding something to read on internet, this is just perfect for me. They have narrowed down the interest and you can stumble into websites, articles, and pictures too! or you can try all interest and just randomly stumble the page until you find something that attracts your attention. For me, I like the funny/humor and some fast/simple info or facts since I don't really enjoy heavy reading. Everything is there! They have around 512 interests, have 4 million lists and 3,000 channel available. After some time, they will start recommend articles/websites for you based on your stumble history. You can save the article for later, create list for specific interest, following other stumbler and interact with them, and find trending article there. Go and stumble! You might be surprised and enjoy what you found there.

Woah! I write a lot! *I should claim from these company for giving reviews, hahahaha* Never mind, people said that good things should be share to other as well. Don't keep it to yourself. Don't be selfish. You can try all the social media I tried, but be careful, they are so addictive. Don't blame me. Hahahaha.

P/S:  Thinking to write some more notes on my Facebook. But this will be very dragging. My good feelings are going to waste for tonight. Inspiration, please come again next time. I need sleep now, have to work tomorrow. Ciao!

Sport and Art of me

Hello everyone! *quite in good mood today* Its not that something good happened, it just that my life is smoother today. Thank God for it! It doesn't mean my work/job/issue is settled, somehow I find some way to handle it. You only live once, (or always typed as YOLO, just found out recently) so live it to the fullest. There is no time to feel bad, manage your life, organize it, cherish what you see/have/own in your life and be prepared for the wrinkle situation. Be composed, panic will not help! :)

Okay, today I was informed that there will be physical fitness test on May for USM athletes. Well, I'm not really that sport enthusiast, so maybe I'm a part-time athlete? Hahaha. Still, I have to admit that my physical fitness is kind of out of shape. *I have to start asking my boss if I can get access to the gym, I need exercise badly!* I considered this as positive enforcement since I've been thinking to hit the gym these few days. Now, I have EXTREMELY STRONG reason for hitting the gym *putting aside the fact I'm growing horizontally everyday! urghhh* The next MASUM will be around August, and I want to make myself achievement to participate this year and make my mark on competing for the straight 4 years in my university life. Go! Go! Go! 

I also got call from colleagues in dancing group. It seems that they have performance tomorrow and they want to practice tonight the same dance that we dance during the FESCO 2013 at UTP last Saturday. Too bad that I returned their call quite late so they already choreographed new dance for tomorrow. Well, they are experienced so this is just a small matter. All the best tomorrow guys! They also informed that we might have performance next week, for what event I don't know. Haha. They say they will update it later. 

Thinking back on our dance last Saturday, I'm a bit upset for my low performance because lack of training. Its like the worst feeling ever, but I do gave my best that night. One of my wishlist achieved, to dance in competition outside university. I know I'm not really good in dancing but I want exposure. I want to join this group since first year and now its already my final year and I managed to join them! Although its very last minute, it just feel so different when dancing with those experienced dancer. I'm having hard time to learn the step but I love it. Thank you for the opportunity given, it was really a wonderful moment. :)

What else? Hurm. This post quite long huh? Ok, time to end it. I will continue to write on the next entry. Entry that too long is kind of boring right? Ciao for now. Another entry will up soon. <3 p="">

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hello! April post! Yeah, its almost 2am in the morning but that doesn't bother me. Nocturnal. Feel more relaxed now. After mumbling on Facebook and scribble some note to enlighten my mind. I'm this kind of person. If I can't talk, I will write. Sometimes I will read, but that require longer time period. As a intern student, I don't have that much time though. My daytime are filled with works and night is totally time to waste. HAHA. 

Well, I'm not superwoman. Obviously. Some people can get back on their feet in a blink of time and I always require longer time to recover. That depends on the relaxation process. Continuously stress without reliever can be very depressing. Yeah, I'm the type that get depressed quite easy. Get panic easily and lose temper like a madwoman. Still have to improve on those area. I want to go further in life, without those quality I'm just a joke. 

*heavy sigh* This constantly and drastically changes on feeling really tiring. I really need some rest and relaxation.

#Why don't we go and take a trip, and get away somewhere. A place with sand, a sky so blue, a city light, a view for two. I don't mind, we can go somewhere. Anytime, say the word I'm there. 

Fantastic Adventure by OJ Law and Liyana Fizi sound awesome. I don't really care where are we going, as long as you are there. 

Reminiscing those day in Malacca. It's really unforgettable. Walking alone at the city, where you don't really bother about the people around you since you are enjoying the moment rather than care about what people might think, see, talk about you.