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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sport and Art of me

Hello everyone! *quite in good mood today* Its not that something good happened, it just that my life is smoother today. Thank God for it! It doesn't mean my work/job/issue is settled, somehow I find some way to handle it. You only live once, (or always typed as YOLO, just found out recently) so live it to the fullest. There is no time to feel bad, manage your life, organize it, cherish what you see/have/own in your life and be prepared for the wrinkle situation. Be composed, panic will not help! :)

Okay, today I was informed that there will be physical fitness test on May for USM athletes. Well, I'm not really that sport enthusiast, so maybe I'm a part-time athlete? Hahaha. Still, I have to admit that my physical fitness is kind of out of shape. *I have to start asking my boss if I can get access to the gym, I need exercise badly!* I considered this as positive enforcement since I've been thinking to hit the gym these few days. Now, I have EXTREMELY STRONG reason for hitting the gym *putting aside the fact I'm growing horizontally everyday! urghhh* The next MASUM will be around August, and I want to make myself achievement to participate this year and make my mark on competing for the straight 4 years in my university life. Go! Go! Go! 

I also got call from colleagues in dancing group. It seems that they have performance tomorrow and they want to practice tonight the same dance that we dance during the FESCO 2013 at UTP last Saturday. Too bad that I returned their call quite late so they already choreographed new dance for tomorrow. Well, they are experienced so this is just a small matter. All the best tomorrow guys! They also informed that we might have performance next week, for what event I don't know. Haha. They say they will update it later. 

Thinking back on our dance last Saturday, I'm a bit upset for my low performance because lack of training. Its like the worst feeling ever, but I do gave my best that night. One of my wishlist achieved, to dance in competition outside university. I know I'm not really good in dancing but I want exposure. I want to join this group since first year and now its already my final year and I managed to join them! Although its very last minute, it just feel so different when dancing with those experienced dancer. I'm having hard time to learn the step but I love it. Thank you for the opportunity given, it was really a wonderful moment. :)

What else? Hurm. This post quite long huh? Ok, time to end it. I will continue to write on the next entry. Entry that too long is kind of boring right? Ciao for now. Another entry will up soon. <3 p="">

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