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Monday, February 8, 2016

Talking about guys

Last time I talk about girls and women. I'm back to my hometown and surrounded by male. My brothers. Talked to few friends and our conversation made me think a lot. About boys and men.

Why did I refer my brothers as male? Because some of them are still boys and few are moving to men phase. 

But I will not talk about my siblings. They are the pain in the arse but somehow I just love them. Case closed.

In a partnership (I prefer to call it partnership, because its more intimate and meaningful), both side need to play their role to make the partnership a success. Its not sweet and smooth all the time but tolerance and support will help both to go through the hard times. 

Guys, always want to find good women. Good looking, good body, good attitude, good behavior, good in housework, good in cooking, good in taking care of the kids, etc. Women also want to be good women but maybe not in that set. They have their own set of good they want to be/achieve. But in general, they want their man to be happy. They really try hard to be, achieve that ideal woman for their man. Guys, we do want to be the best for you.

So, guys please cooperate with us. You don't need to be perfect. You just need to help women to do the housework, taking care of the kids and supporting the family. That sounds like women responsibility? 

Okay. You complaint when your woman was tackled by other man instead of treating your woman better. You complaint when your food was not prepared but you didn't take care your weeping child. You are mad when your clothes are not prepared for work but you didn't bother to do the laundry. Even though its just pressing few button. You even complaint when your woman ask you to send or accompany her to the doctor! Birthdays, anniversaries, its just numbers that happen once a year and you think its not important to the extent you forgot about it. Even when you remember about it, you did the minimum effort (ie, wish them).

If you put minimum efforts, don't expect to get the best result. If someone treat your woman better, don't complaint if you lose them. You expect the best but not giving the best. Really? 

Well, not all of the guys are like this. This post is inspired by all the guys that I've met, I know, I've heard of, I loved and I despise. 

Lets find some inner peace