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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Shaky Moment

Today, an earthquake has 'shaken' Sabah. Literally. The whole Sabah are feeling the earthquake this morning. That 5 seconds probably the most panic moment in their life. And I just enjoying my sleep because of having fever last night.

I planned to call my family to ask about their wellbeing but forgotten until 2 of my friends asked about my family back in Sabah (Thank you Afni and Fiza). Well, my family also didn't say anything about it. This "You don't ask, I don't tell' attitude is highly intense in the family huh? My brother only sent me this picture, back of my mom, to our groupchat (its a lame 3 siblings fighting group). So I called him to ask about it.

Apparently, he was sending my mom to the hospital because she was bitten by a dog. I have no idea how that happen but at least he know what or when information/news should be shared. #AchievementUnlocked Hopefully nothing serious about it. My brother also shared about the earthquake incident this morning. It was like a bumpy ride (that was the exact words he said). Thank God no damage or injury caused. So I had this quite long conversation with him and my 2 other brothers, Raymie and Rahim. It was quite awkward conversation and Rahim is a bit reluctant to speak with me (Tony said probably he is scared to talk to me. Talking about the evil stepsister?). 

Afterward, my father called me. Yeah, since he wouldn't pick up or more like rejected my call before that. I asked him about the earthquake incident this morning and he thought that some thugs shaking his car while waiting at the traffic light (nice one!). He only realize that it was an earthquake probably from his friends or people talking around. 

Conversation with my father are never boring for me. We talked and chatted like friends. He seldomly call me to tell anything, I have to dig out the conversations and issues. This conversation inspired me to write all these words (since I can't talk, I will write. I will not let this slide easily)

I tell my father that probably I want to go back next month. And as usual, he will say there's no need to do that, no need to come back. You think I will let this slide? Then I said that I haven't go back this year. He said why I want to go back? So I jokingly said that what if I want to go back to get married? He said that I can marry ANYONE except a Muslim. ANYONE. Wow. No offence muslim people, my father just being super defensive here. He said he had no trust and doesn't believe in them. Wow again. So much distrust huh? Does this mean I can't get married with a Muslim? What if I change my religion to be a Muslim? I can't imagine what will happen. But, I will not get married without his consent. That's a fact.

After chatting for quite some time, he want to end the conversation because he is 'home'. Hahahaha. Funny one. And his last message before ending the call "there's no need for you to go back hometown, just stay there and I will find some time to go there and visit you. I love you.". Set aside 'I love you', he is very determined, taking the precaution and prevention to avoid me going home huh? We'll see about that, you know that I have my own stand on this right? Anyway, love you too dad.