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Monday, March 26, 2012

A month without any update!

       wow~ hahahaha. I'm really busy, maybe not busy but has many things to do! I'm really exhausted, mentally and physically! My emotion are not stable and my patient also tested! :'( I'm about to be in mega depress but luckily I still got my entertainments and lots of other things to do. Almost every night of meetings, paperwork to submit, report to submit, event to handle and also people attitude to handle! The last time I update my blog was before the semester started and now its already the 5th week! What did I do this 5 week? Let me list out the sequence of events. (checking my planner)

20 Feb - Second semester started!

22 Feb - Meeting at Putrajaya

22 & 23 Feb - Site visit (Felda Gunung Besout 2, Sungkai, Perak)

25 Feb - Paris 1month! :) (Alice's daughter)

1Mar - Final check ICT Village

2 - 4 Mar - ICT Village (Felda Gunung Besout 2, Sungkai, Perak) (for this event, I was in-charge for the opening and closing! Thanks to En Jaya, that is something new for me and it turned to be good experience.)

5 Mar - Ko-K Karate started (finished my ko-k long time ago but because of the Secretary is away, I have to take over and as the Vice President have to meet the junior and recruit for new karate club members)

6 Mar - Start practice for MCB 2012 (ohhh, forgot to mention, I'm the one that responsible for the songs that we will use, the step and choreograph. Which is kind of challenging for me! wargh!not forgotten, every night training for 4-5 hours!)

6 Mar - Meeting for Karate Closed Tournament. (I really don't understand, we already started last semester and still last minute? Really don't understand, my first experience as the Head of Project. Quite disastrous.)

17 Mar - Fit and Feminine Volleyball (2nd place! hahahaha)

17 Mar - Final check for Karate Closed Tournament.

18 Mar - Karate Closed Tournament

19 Mar - ICT Village report due

20 Mar - Edit ICT Village report

21 Mar - Letter of Appointment for University Ambassador (Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselori, UiTM Shah Alam)

to summarize:

1. University Ambassador (UA)
2. Karate Club (Vice President & Head of Karate Closed Tournament)
3. PERSIS (Malam Citra Bayu 2012)

I know that out there there are people who are lot more busier than me and the example are really close to me. I know that person.Hahaha. But this is really something! I wish that this year I will become wiser and learn lot of new things. And yes, I experience lot of thing and hunger for some more! maybe later I will explain about the activities/events that I joined/involved. Tonight I just want to post the reasons why I didn't write in my blog for such a long time.

P/S: I'm happy that my result for last semester improved and was the best result during my university year! Although didn't get dean list, I'm still grateful for it. Now I'm aiming for dean list this semester! But based on my schedule, I'm afraid I will not have time for study! :'( I need to control myself more! Study! Study! Study!