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Thursday, November 4, 2010

If I Had Rapunzel Hair....

If I had Rapunzel hair what would I do?
wow...That is 70 feet long!
Well, first thing to do is?
cut it short immediately...hahahah
hurm.....That is too simple isn't it?
Okay, let me play with imagination....
70 feet long.....What should I do......
Let me list out....

1.Call the Guinness World Book of Record to make record for my hair....
 - They should call me 1st! Because its rare to have 70feet long of hair... Then I would one of the proudest person to have my name inside the book...it was privilege!

2.I would make a dress use my hair!
 - wow~ a dress with my own hair! I would be vogue than Lady Gaga! hahahaha... (I should start to compose a new song for my appearance with the long hair dress.....LOL)

3. I would find a company to sponsor my shampoo product!
 - It would cost me a lot...I mean A LOT to allocate budget for shampoo product... If Pantene want to sponsor for me it would be better since I'm using Pantene hair product...hahaha... Just imagine that my long hair before this (just cut my hair recently), I have to use at least 400ml per month, it was not even used to wash 1meter long! 70feet? I will broke every month just to buy shampoo!

4. I would do a swing for me.
 - Yes! I love swing! I can play swing everyday! Most probably it will become my new bed...hahahaha....Then I don't need to tidy up my bed every morning...(every morning or every afternoon?hahahaha)....

*My imagination seems like stucked!urghhhh...cannot think anymore....so this all for this post....:p*

From this one.....


This one!

Style doesn't changed..just the length...I kind of miss my old hair.....T.T