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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Costume Party?

I supposed to study...
I didn't study and doing something for this coming costume party....
its not a big thing, but I try my best and only this I can do.....
it looks simple (maybe) but......
all I can say its just a trial and error outcome...:P
I will list out the 'ingredients' first...LOL

Beads that already shaped(any beads design or colors will do, depends on your choice)


 Hair band that already wrapped with the ribbon.


*all these thing (excluding the hair band) can be bought at shop that selling ribbons and beads...*

After thinking, trial and error and also ask advice and opinion from my room mate...
I managed to transform all these things become this!

and  plus with 'model'(please ignore the round shaped face girl...:P)..LOL

Front View 1

Front View 2

Front View 3
Side View 1

Side View 2

Above View 1

Above View 2

Above View 3 (or Front View? not sure...;p)

*since its trial and error project, there is no specific instruction to do it....I just do it with instinct with some advices from my room mate.. because if I do it without consultation, surely it will turn out to be disastrous! and become awkward...I mean REALLY AWKWARD. :P*


  1. nice try pink2... for sure ur life colorful and wonderful with this kind of hepi go lucky attitude...

    btwn, 1st day of exam... all da best gal!