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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tawau Project - We Care...

What is this?
* The project entitled “Tawau Project – WE CARE” is planned for two months that includes 5 other performances and a Finale Charity Concert. This project is initiated by students and staffs of various schools and organizations of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

 What had happened?
*29 July 2010 marked the worst flash flood disaster in Kg. Pasir Putih in Tawau, destroying circa 500 houses and properties. Among victims who are homeless are kindergarten and school children; family of several USM students and Alumni. 

What is the target?
This project hopes to collect as much as RM60,000 and this will be donated to the people of Kg. Pasir Putih in Tawau for the reconstruction of their houses.

What is the objectives?
*This project main objective is to attract companies and corporate organizations to sponsor and support these events in form of cash and/or products (any materials such as button badges or bookmarkers which resembles the aim of this project). Upon investment, sponsors can benefit by participating during the days of the events in the forms of setting booths or exhibition counters.

Any further information, can check the details on:

Facebook Page : Tawau Project - We Care
Blog Page          :Tawau Project 2010

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