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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PCCG Camp at Cameron Highland...

I joined the PPCG camp at Cameron Highland that held on 9September 2010 until 13 September 2010...I just reached my room at 1am,14 September 2010..What had I learned or gained and experienced from this camp? let me share u my schedule for the camp...XD

9September 2010,
Departing from USM Palapes Field with a bus at 9pm.. Fetch the ACMS students and also students from engineering campus.. Sit beside Dorsie, senior from engineering campus.. Watching 'Home Alone 1,2 and 3' at the bus..In the same time,texting..:p..Reach at Cameron Highland around 3am.. After send our bags to 'Barre City Center', went out to eat at mamak cafe there... Then off to bed around 5am...

10September 2010,
Start a new day..Wake up at 8am...The point to wake up that early is just to change the venue of the room..hahahaha...On the way to the new room,met with Rickson (same lectures at KML) and Villery (Classmate since form 1 until form 5)...After 'parked' all of our stuff,we continue to sleep...hahaha... Around 10am,wake up again and  take a bath...(its really cold there,luckily got hot water)...Then briefing and house rules session..Dorsie and I in the same group..Group 1,dark blue group..Then we are having lunch and ice breaking...After ice breaking session, there was a talk about sexuality...Interesting topic...Indeed...*grin*...Then we are having game session... This game session was really funny and enjoy... One of the game is you imagine that the person hobby is plucking their nose..Ask any questions to the person and they will answers according to their original hobby...This game make our imagination goes wild and laugh.. After that a game named 'Who has the strongest banana'...This one even ridiculous... The guy have to tie a rope around their hips and let the banana hanging at their knee level...They have to push a potato using the banana..So just imagine how funny it will be...After playing games, we're having free time to prepare ourself for dinner...After that having a P&W and Exposure Briefing before went to bed...*ZzZzZzZzZ*

11September 2010,
Controversy in the morning! My alarm clock keep ringing and I don't even heard the alarm.. the whole room are awakened by it, but not me....*Tidur Mati*...I woke up around 7am, and supposed to be that time we are having body prayer...But due to lateness, I escaped the activity..:p We are having breakfast at 7.30am and continued with a talk about 'Fertility Awareness'...Another interesting topic...*grin*...After having Q&A session and resting for a while, we were separated in 10 other groups to visits exposure sites around Cameron Highland.. My group went to Sg Palas Goat Farm...The exposure site was very interesting and so do our journey...It was really jammed! Luckily we arrive safely at the exposure site..After having a chit chat with the owner, taking pictures and completing assignments that had been given, we going back to 'Barre City Center' and reached there around 7pm..We does our video making for presentation that night..Our group doesn't win and the presenter was depressed about that..After the closing prayer, we supposed to went to sleep,but due to the reason that we will be the conductor of closing prayer for the next day, we practiced until 3am! Such a long day.....

12September 2010,
Wake up in the morning feeling like P.DIZZY...really dizzy...tried to get up...but failed!hahahah..and not just that,another contributing factor is stomach ache! This one really hurt! Went to toilet but nothing 'go out'...After having breakfast at 8am,tried to attend the sessions, but really can't help it, my stomach like having a war inside... So went back to room,sleeping + resting for the whole day...(until 5pm)...Wah! Sleep for the whole day! Feel disappointed because didn't join the activities for the whole day...Attended the mass with 'blur' face..After dinner, we having our dinner...Then we prepare for the X'pose Nite performance.. A bit of 'kucar-kacir' but still satisfying... Thanks for the nice presentation to group 1...All the presentation was finished at almost 1am.. After that, we are doing the closing prayer that we have practiced until 3am the day before...It was really fun..=)..After all the session, I went to have a talk with the Father Eugene..He advised me a lot..And also give some guidance...I almost cried there, it was really touching for you when someone understand about your issues and make you feel relieved... Ok,thats all... After that,went to the mamak cafe again...need to walk around 15minutes..Being left behind by USM friend...*sob2*..Walked there alone...okay! I lied..Walked with 3guys from UTP... Johny, Ignatius and Hadryan...Thanks guy....=)...On the way back, chatting with my old classmate, Villery...Its really weird, because we doesn't talk a lot since in secondary school although we in a same class since Form 1...*hahahahah*...reached room around 4am...*die *...ZzZzZzZzZ...

13September 2010,
Happy birthday Dolores Elvira Lasih! Didn't managed to wish her on her birthday... Don't have her number...wake up at 8.30am...Again, escaped the morning prayer...*straight face*...went to the chapel there..the view was very.........*speechless*......The father shows us how to do silent prayer and we went back to Barre City...Some of them are crazy over the view and take a lot of pictures there...After reached Barre City, the Facilitator was quite angry because most of the participants doesn't follow the schedule...*yes,I'm one of it*....The most interesting topic for the day is the 'Theological Reflection'..I have been wondering about this issue for a long time...Maybe around 10-12years...And just now, I've know there is a research of God...Okay, next time read more about issues and information Pink-Pink, don't just focused on comics and novels..*finger crossed*....In this session, I managed to give a comment about why I disagree on a statement 'By Jesus dying on cross, Christians are already saved'...No matter how many times I think about it...it was totally NO!..What we will gain in the future was chosen by ourselves...The path may be provided to us but it depend on us to decide which way we are choosing...they said that by Jesus dying on cross, the human sin are forgiven... Is it? I'm not sure either...But, we take reality as an example.. If we ask forgiveness from a person yesterday, its not covered for the mistakes that we done today...This session was really interesting...It tells us that the perspective that we perceived god will reflected by the action we take...Maybe?*I'm not sure either*...Okay,enough for the session...After having our lunch, we pack all our stuff...Dorsie and I planning to go out to Tanah Rata, but the plan was distracted...We end up of being stuck at Guy dorm...Chatting with USM guys...After that went downstairs and 'lepak-lepak' outside the Barre City.. Managed to play with Cliff DSLR camera...hahahha....Thanks Cliff...Then having fun with taking pictures and posing...hahaha...Around 5.30pm, we depart from Barre City and stopped at Brinchang... Do some shopping...(until broke...sorry Dad...XD)...At the bus, sit beside Cliff..Playing with his camera..:p...For the first time, I puke! This all credit to the fried crab that I eat inside the bus..*eeeuwwww*....After puke, I eat again...But not crab...Its nasi Briyani...hahahah....Along the road back to USM, chatting with Cliff and Herry (ACMS)...reached room aroun 1am...first thing to do? Hug my 'Doraemon'...*squeeze2*

huh....so long...hahahah....tired a bit....now I'm going to tidy up my rooms,get some foods, and have a look for the assignments...*suddenly head ache*...hahahhah

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