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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Distance Relationship

My topics to write today..
This things crossed my mind when I'm studying at the library in this afternoon.. 
I'd like to share about my opinion about
"Long Distance Relationship".

Long distance relationship for me is a relationship that we have to travel at least 30minutes by air and 2hours by land. If the distance is less than I mentioned, i still consider it as a 'short distance relationship'. The issue that I want to write here is 'What is the benefits and disadvantages of long distance relationship?'
*of course this is based on my opinion, this not only work on 1side but it can be the other or both side*

1. We learn to maintain the relationship and learn to be faithful to our partner.
2. We can give some space to each other so that we wouldn't become boring to see them every day.
3. We learn the feeling of 'miss' to each other.
4. We can spare time to our friends without just hang out with our partner.
5. We learn to appreciate the relationship.
6. All the 'love-love' speech is more deep and sentimental.

1. If we have a quarrel with our partner,its hard to make up without seeing each other.
2. We tend to feel jealous and always suspicious what our partner did.
3. We have the chance of being unfaithful. Same goes to our partner.
4. Spend a lot of money on prepaid. (SMS, Call, MMS, 3G, BubbleTalk etc.)
5. Hard to meet each other, cannot go to date. Especially on special occasion such as Birthdays, Valentines, New Years , etc.
6. The time when you need them the most, they cannot come to comfort you. And you will feel alone.

So thats it... actually there are still a lot of the benefits and disadvantages.. But its still depends on ourself.. I have experienced long distance relationship before...but it turned out not so good...I have kind of trauma because of this things.. there are people that I've known they are too far from each other..but still in a good condition..may god bless all of you....and also there is a case of my friend where she and her BF never meet before and they can have a good relationship...(recently they had met, and still in a good relationship)..we cannot said that distance doesn't matter, but what the most matter is how you feel...and what you feel, you might not know how to show it (in this case,difficult in both distance)..choose and act wisely in relationship...

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