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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The story of My Silver Necklace

This was the 4th time the necklace broke..
I hate this feeling..
The uncomfortable feelings, the frightened feeling, the hurt feeling..
Why it broke again??
What is the meaning of this sign...
Without the necklace around my neck,
i feel empty and insecure..
1st time it was broke it was last year with tragic events..
2nd time is not longer after the first broke and I found the broken piece...
3rd time is the day after the 2nd broke and the piece already gone...
Now the 4th time...
All the broke episode have its own story..
What will happen this time...
I care so much for the necklace because I've been wearing since I was Form 4..
Suddenly I remembered...
4years ago..at the same date, I received silver bracelet...
and the 4year after that (that is Today!)
my silver necklace broken for the 4th time!
The necklace always give me courage,spirit, and secure feeling..
Is this a sign for me to stop fixing the broken necklace?
And find something new that can give me courage, spirit and secure feeling..
or this is a reminder for me?
I have neglected the things that I supposed to do in my life??
Thinking about it make me confuse..
I hate this confusing feelings..
Please don't distract me..
I am entering my study week and this feeling will spoil my determination to study!
What should I do!?
1.Fix the Silver Necklace...
2.Keep the Silver Necklace....
3.Gave it back to the owner(as if the owner will concern..)
4.Throw away the Silver Necklace (impossible!)
What should I do????!!!!
I think its better for me to take a nap..
My feeling this time really mixed..
Hope I can leave this 'crowd' in my heart somewhere in my dream wonderland..
Heart..stop feeling 'something will happen'
Mind...stop thinking 'this is a sign'
Esther, calm down and rise again!

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