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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Camera!

Finally I bought a camera for me...
*yeah, thanks to my financial supporter @ my special man that more special than SPECIAL BOY/MAN FRIEND for these 20 years!*LOL
Its in my 2010 end year wishlist..
*I think I already mention it before*
Before this I listed LUMIX as the camera that I would like to have.
But I changed my mind today...
And I purchased EXILIM instead!
I was influenced by the salesman..
The way he explained the camera functions seems very convincing to me..
*I'm not attracted to the salesman okay?hahahah*
Its amazing how a salesman can make a thing that didn't interest you make you crave for it!
Back to the main object here!

*This is it!*

      It has a 3-inch screen, 4x optical zoom, 10.1-megapixel resolution, and the option to capture HD video. It has 2 interesting features, family priority and make up function. The first is family priority face detection. You access the 'Set Family' function, snap photos of your loved ones, and the camera stores them internally and gives them focus priority next time you take a picture. The second innovation is Make-up Mode, which puts a quick Photoshop-style airbrush job a button-press away. ......................................


#Okay! I'm not good in explaining. And I'm not good with details. If you want to know more about this camera, search it by yourself. What I want to write today is just, I BOUGHT A CAMERA!*minta puji..LOL* And not forgotten, thanks to Esteranza Victor Junior (full name tu Joe~) because accompany me and help me with my decision just now.#

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