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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Bag Challenge

This bag challenge I got it from my friend...
She is my room mate, my sister, my 'mama tiri'..
(jangan marah Dith~)
She posted this challenge last month but I didn't have any time to do it...
It was exam month...
After that I'm busy with university activities..

1.Pesta Sukan dan Kebudayaan Satu Malaysia
2.Sukan Rakyat 1Malaysia

Initially I registered to join FestKum.
But I cancel it to have time to do other things...
(which is obviously no!)
Now its too late to regret it...
Just accept and stop complaining...T.T

Back to the main topic..
Bag challenge!

Recently I bought a new bag at Kuala Kurau...
So this is my new bag..:)

This bag is quite small compared to the regular bag I always buy..:p
Nice isn't it?
The price also quite cheap..:p
Whats inside?

2. Keys
3. Lip gloss (its inside my bag but very seldom use it.:p)
4. Pen ( Borrow from friend during Sukan Rakyat 1Malaysia. In the end, didn't manage to return it.:p)
5. Connector (don't know the name of the thing actually..:p)
6. Bookmark (Esteranza gave it to me.)
7. Eye drop (My eyes got something growing in it, so now have to use it)
8. Comb
9. Handphone 
10. Hair clip
11. Hair band
12. Ring
13. MP4
14. Sunglass
15. Coin purse
16. Watches (the stainless steel was present from my previous boss and the pink one I bought recently last month.)
17. Hair clip and rubber band(getah rambut?LOL)
18. Tissue (this one is funny! I'm not the type that will bring tissue but this one stuck there when I bought it for emergency purpose..:p)

Feel so relieved!
At last managed to post this!
Okay now Who I want to tag?
1.Lally Liong
2. Marisa Wong
3.Shakina Chu
(Whoever read and want to do this...please do so..I don't know who else I want to tag..:p)

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