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Monday, December 13, 2010

12 December 2010

        Today is the Sukan Rakyat 1Malaysia competition day! Enjoying the Sukan Rakyat. I joined the Galah Panjang, Laga Ayam, Ketinting and Gusti Lengan. Excited mode! Really into all the games! Especially the Galah Panjang. Because of this game, I have known for my violence side (memang ganas pun~~). The best part of this game is 'bermandi lumpur'. Really missed the moment. MANDI LUMPUR. The funny thing is there's a team that saying they afraid to face our team because I look so violence.LOL. We lose this game because of coin toss(not satisfied actually). Although we only got 3rd place, but it was so damn fun! And the Gusti Lengan. So funny okay? Our team got 1st place in this game. Hahahahaha. Laga Ayam? We got 3rd place. Get to know some of the villagers and also students. :D

        Then we went again to Kuala Kurau! Went to a temple there. The view is so nice. And again, I'm amazed to see the Chinese fishing village. Then go back using the Tg Piandang road. The reverse of yesterday route.LOL. At Kuala Kurau buy a bag (too many bags already). Then we go to Riyas and go to the Pasar Malam there. Its nearly close when we reach there. I buy a cloth(its not a shirt). Then waited for the Engineering Campus Gang and go to dinner at Sha Sha Cafe (forgot already the name of the place). Eat and chat with them for 3hours! (memang xda keja la).

        Now? As usual, inside hostel room, FB'ing and blogging. Want to go to sleep now because have to wake up early tomorrow. Back to Induk! Before signing out, I want to thank all my friends for the marvelous and enjoying experience that you guys bring to me during this Sukan Rakyat and also the Majlis Belia Malaysia event. I'm not joining the Festkum to have some rest before the semester open. To Induk gangs, thanks guys! The friend that I've known through these events, thanks to all of you and nice to know and working with you all. Till we meet again. :)

*now excited mode going back to Induk! Good Night!*

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