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Sunday, December 12, 2010

11December journey...

        Today I went to Tg Piandang and Kuala Kurau. It’s not planned actually. Just suddenly feel so bored and invited some friend to tag along. On the way to Tg Piandang, I was so amazed. The view was so nice. It’s really a village environment. With the paddy field, the coconut trees, the fresh air and kampong houses. Feel very calm and happy. Then we reach at Tg Piandang town. What attracted me about this town is, it is dominated by the Chinese people. At Penang there are also Chinese village near at the jetty but I don’t know maybe I rarely saw Chinese village? *:D* Then we went to Kuala Kurau because we didn’t manage to find the Tanjung. *LOL* Before the turn to the town, we stopped under a bridge. It’s a car bridge, like flyover? It’s was a fishing village jetty. Remind me of Mengkabong, Tuaran. Kind of miss the environment of staying at fishing village. It might not the sweetest memory I had, but it still one of the history in my growth process. Where you alienated because you are different from others? But luckily I managed to communicate with the villagers. By holding to the malay saying, “Malu bertanya, sesat dijalanan”. In my case, it’s not that ‘malu’. But it more to, “If you are too shy to mix around, you will keep alienated”. (That just explain that I’m ‘tidak tahu malu’ type of person? Hahahahah I don’t care!) Okay, back to my journey today. Then we heading back to USM Engineering Campus since it already 6.30pm (we have activity to attend at 7.30pm). Its only take around 30minutes for us to go back to USM and taking 1and a half hour to reach Kuala Kurau!

        8pm, we depart to Kg Sg Kechil. Attending a ‘kenduri’. *;p* Actually we having a Malam Mesra with the villagers. The efforts of villagers to do the performance really touched my heart. They prepare a nasyid, and dance performances, a Chinese dance and Indian dance. USM also performed in the event. Overall it was OK. But the sound was not satisfying. They played the song wrongly several times and it was too loud! Okay, I should cut this off. I will end up complaining about it soon.

        Now I’m already at my room. Writing this post and after this planning to go to bed. Really damn sleepy right now. Need to wake up early to ‘bersukan’.

P/S: The moon is shining bright although it was not a full moon but still make me happy. :)

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