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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Confidence Tips

     Well, I browse through old magazine just now and found this tips. Confidence tips! I just want to share it in my blog for those who read my blog (if there is) and reminder for me as well. I'm not saying that I don't have confidence in myself but I think I LACK of it. There's time when I feel very confident and no confident at all. I believe out there, there's a lot of people that stuck in that kind of situation in their life.

Now here we go, confidence tips!

1. Focus on things that you do well.

*Spend more time doing things that you're good at will make you feel more confident.

2. Power of speech.

*Smile when you speak to modulate your voice. Others will respond more positively on what you are saying.

3. Negotiate more "me time".

*Spend time doing things that you want and not only things that you have to do out of duty. Appreciate yourself.

4.Be assertive.

*Assert yourself about your feelings and emotions without alienating others.

5.Visualize success.

*Visualize and use positive phrases to motivate yourself. Do it every morning for few months and you will start living it.

6. Just relax.

*Relaxation is vital for creative thinking and creative thinking will help you solve problems. The more problems solved, you will become more confident.

7. Become a winner.

*Think yourself as a winner. When you are doing things that you like and enjoying it, you already a winner. 

8. Stick with friends

*Surround yourself with caring people and make sure they make you feel good about yourself.

9.Deal with disappointment.

*Allow yourself time to be upset. Scale your failure and give time to grieve it. You will deal it quickly and avoid erratic cycles of highs and lows.

10. Turn yourself inside out.

*Focus on others, look around you. You'll become more confident as others start to responding to your openness and interest in them.

Thats all for this post. Have to go to bed now. Got class in the morning to attend. Night world..:)

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