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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm joining this! :D

Recently I had joined this contest called B.U.D.A.Y.A. Costume Modelling Competition..
What is this competition about?
Its a costume competition where we post a picture using any costume related to any countries..
This competition was organized by B.U.D.A.Y.A. USM...
The picture that get the most 'LIKE' will win an unknown EXCLUSIVE prize...
But I'm excited because this is the first time I join something like this in USM..
(obviously because it was first time they organized it...hahahha)

I have posted this picture to join this contest...
In the picture I'm with one of my best buddy in USM..
Esteranza @ Joe....(borrow ur name here..:p)
This costume is Korean culture costume...
I feel honored because I have the opportunity to wear this cloth!
I have asked the price of this cloth and they say it was worth RM1000++
(jaw dropped...)
Its like once in a lifetime opportunity....
I wear it for free...(while distributing some pamphlet at DK foyer..)
Initially I want to post this picture:

But my roomate had submitted her picture using the same costume..
(which is I'm inside the picture too...XD)
She submitted this picture:

This costume is from Borneo Sabah...
It was Murut costume..
The picture of me only was taken last year during Malam Citra Bayu...
We won the 'Best Choreographer' award...
And  the group picture was taken during October 2010..
D'Borneo Bayu (PERSIS USM Dancers) with Arja Lee...
We were doing charity night called 'Finale Concert We Care Tawau Project'
(I think I have mentioned it before here-->>Tawau Project- We Care)
(Summary of October 2010 for some of the pictures that day)
Back to the main topic here....
To vote the pictures, first of all must 'Like' the B.U.D.A.Y.A. page...
To vote my picture, you can go to this link :

Its my first time so into a competition like this...
Please vote for me so that I can get Top 5...XD

Off course you can like whichever pictures you like there..
(wah, I'm doing promotion for all the pictures there...)
Healthy competition eh? :D

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