♥♥Just about what I have gone through every day... So it will remind me of my life path up until now... I want to express it with words... My small brain can’t afford to keep it all... The language may 'Campur2' because it’s my diary after all... who will cares anyway??? XD♥♥

♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

untold and unspoken

Just want to tell you,
how much I've missed you.
Just want to tell you,
how much I longed for you.

You just the only exception that I can get,
the colors in my dull life.
Make me smile just the thought of you are here,
make me strong when I'm down.

I love all the time we had together,
its the moment that make me forget all the pain.
Going through my day without you,
the time flows but I still feel your presence.

Every day I waited the sun to set,
waiting for you to come back my sunshine.
Hold you close till the dawn,
and let you go to shine in the day.

You know I hate it when you read my mind,
because I cant keep a secret from you.
You read through all my actions,
makes me really cant hide.

Devour my mind with your smile,
leave me hanging with your invisible connexion.
Make me think in many thoughts,
Every time you invaded my mind.

We walk through the road holding hand,
walk and walk let the things flows with its rhythm.
Now we had to come to a junction,
and walk our own way.

No goodbyes, no farewell.
Just walk and let the space growing wider.
No notes, no sound.
Silently walk the pavements with the memories to reminisce.

You can't be reality and I can't have you.
You live inside me and can't get you here.
You are my chaos fantasy.
My riot fairy tale.
My unspoken dream.


P/S: I see lots of stars dancing in front of me. I feel my body floating. Its a sign: BED TIME that has already passed and KNOCKOUT TIME coming by.

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