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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love Bleach anime and manga!
The anime is still ongoing same like the manga..
But the manga is far more latest than the anime..
The anime is sometimes quite 'out of story'...
(please just follow the manga!)

Why I like Bleach?
Because the characters are cool! Super cool!
And there are part that very funny!

Lets go through some of the character that I think is COOL..:p

Ichimaru Gin.
Cannot see his eyes clearly...
Mysterious character...
Always look cool and doesn't speak often..
Like things that are interesting and mysterious...
Genius and tricky...
Have bond with Rangiku (undefined)

Aizen Sosuke
Surprisingly tricky...
Have innocent look and deceived Soul Society Shinigami...
Cool and SUPER cool..(again)
He is so confident with his power...
Cannot predict his actions..
He is like "I know everything" character..
Genius, like challenges and know how to manipulate people..

Ichigo Kurosaki
The main character..
Strong and mysterious guy...
Determined and loyal character..
He is responsible and straight forward...
"Kill if only necessary" hero..
Brave and have good character..
Have the power of both shinigami and hollow...

Zaraki Kenpachi.
Mysterious and strong guy...
Like strong opponent and love fighting..
Also called monster because of his power from his right eyes and brutal strength..
His Zanpaktuo has no specific power and name...
Look very scary but straight forward character..

Kuchiki Byakuya..
Protective brother..
Value his pride and dignity..
Have very cool look..
Almost have no feelings..
Smart and mysterious..

Ishida Uryuu
Ichigo friend..
One of the Quincy...
His power is quite different and mysterious...
Hate Shinigami but value friendship...
Genius and but sometimes overconfident..
Always have back up plan..
Think fast and react fast..
his father :
Ishida Ryuken.
Also have very COOL look...

These are some of the cool characters in Bleach. I cannot continue to search others because I'm quite SLEEPY now... I want to take a short nap... XD...ZzzZZzzZZZZZzzzZZ

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