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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Argh~ Today is Sunday! That's mean tomorrow is Monday! The first day of attending class after holiday of 1week! I just woke up around 4 hours ago. Went to bed at 3am but sleep around 4.30am. Been rolling on my bed, can't sleep! I woke up because I feel something is moving inside my ear! Producing some weird sound and make me feel uncomfortable. I knew it! Another stupid ant crawling into my ear. This is the second time! The ant went out without any drastic actions taken. :p Now I'm here at my desk, typing this post to plan what I want to do for the rest of this day!

1. Revise on TITAS - have midterm on this Tuesday.

2. Revise on Service Marketing - Midterm on Friday

3. MCB! - music@song, SMS, etc~

4. Service Marketing assignment.


I guess thats all for today. Can't be too greedy in planing. Have to be more realistic in setting target.

P/S: Suddenly feel very SICK...:p

XX See, its not that much but can't be completed...haish....only managed to complete 2task...T.TXX

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