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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One night at Salim Restaurant

 Reminisce back 5years ago...

     While I was sitting at Salim at Lintas, KK with some friends... And also my Ex family that time with Bandi Amuk (yeah, I really mean Bandi Amuk the rock singer)... I was sleepy already during that time and they are still chit chatting... So bored and I'm not so interested to bother about them... Well, I have to behave myself during that time.. So the usual hyper me are in 'hibernating' mode. My heart are eager to fly away from there to join my friends that are laughing, joking freely at my back. So awkward when I have to behave myself and become quiet person at LINTAS, KK. I repeat LINTAS, KK. ;( (for those who are not from KK, just ignore my emphasize on LINTAS)

     I turned my back and saw my friends are leaving to their next destination.. I want to join! But in your dream la with your boyfriend family there.. Digging own graveyard? hahaha.. During this time, something catches my attention. Someone is smiling at me! yeah, seriously! I tried to look at my surrounding if the person is smiling to other people but there is no one. I look at the person in a blur face. (I look very stupid, silly in my blur face owkay!) Then I turn away my face since I feel that the person face looks very familiar. But not making it obvious to my boyfriend because he is the jealousy type. (mau perang dunia meletus?huh!) Then suddenly Bandi Amuk say something and tell us to look at the direction he point. I join them and he is pointing at the earlier guy! And he said something that make my heart almost burst! Its Anuar Zain! (no wonder earlier I think this guy is so familiar! despite on his good looking...hahahha)

     Bandi call him and he walk towards our table! And? Standing exactly at my back! arghhhhhhhhhh.... Oh mo! I think I can faint that time! But I think that is so unnecessary, this chance not coming easily to life..:D His song that famous during that time, Semua Untukmu automatically played in my head and heart. (cheh, feeling lebih2 la pla...) And we take picture together! Well, I'm quite ashamed that I didn't recognize him earlier. STUPID! I'm glad he smiled to me and take picture with me. He is very nice person and if given the chance to meet him again, I want to have a chat with him. He is one of the Malaysian singer that I really like! His style, his voice, his smile. Gosh! I think I had this crush on him since I know him from his 'Keabadian Cinta' song..:p

That was one of the most unforgettable night in my life....

Maybe you already forgotten about me, well there is no reason to remember either...hahhah
I just want to tell you that....

I adore you!
I adore you!
Yes! I would say it over and over again!
I've been his fan since secondary school I guess?
His voice are very soothing and his songs also calming...
His singing expression... Well lot alike with his sister, Ziana Zain..
They always feel their song when they are singing..
Showed through expression huh?
There are only few song that he sing but these songs are really superb!
You are still not married right?(grinning)
hahaha... No matter what other people thought of you, I will always support you!
Keep singing! 
If I had the opportunity, I would like to know you better..
I mean as a friend.. :D (request melampau~hahaha)

Owkay! Now I will attach one of his latest song..
This song is the soundtrack of Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (haven't watch yet ;( )

Sedetik Lebih by Anuar Zain

Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa
Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya
Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu
Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu

P/S: One of my senior look like him, but sorry to say SENIOR, he is far far more adorable! hahahah.. And there are one actor that look like him also..Name? Don't know! hahaha..:p

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