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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kem Pemantapan Kendiri dan Kepimpinan SRN

      I went to this camp on 4th of April, Monday and just back on 7th of April, Thursday. To be exact, I reached my room at 8th of April, Friday. This camp was held by SRN(Sekretariat Rukun Negara) UMT with JPNIN(Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integriti Nasional). This program require one university to sent 8 students to represent their university.From USM:

  1. Ina
  2. Vun
  3. Fara
  4. Irnie
  5. Bio
  6. Lan
  7. Wan
  8. (me)

      Overall, the camp was awesome! This is real! Well, that doesn't including the fact that we cant use any toiletries other than tooth paste! Survive 3 days 2 nights without soap, shampoo, deodorant, sun block, face wash, etc. But I know some of the participant didn't abide the rules. Although I quite a riot, I follow the rules SOMETIMES. Just some small rules. I have to work harder and emphasize more on PUNCTUALITY. Ashamed to admit? Well, truth will be exposed anyway. Keep denying it and you will look stupid when all comes out.

Back to the camp please.....

Okay, the tentative of the whole journey.

4th April 2011
- From USM to UMT, what a long journey! I think I've never ride a car that long! We do stop in few places, but still it was very LONG journey for me. (sakit pinggang, sakit badan to the max!)

5th April 2011
-Reached UMT around 12.30am. Yeah! (gembira sakan sampai wooooo) Then we check in to the hostel and went out to have some drinks.

-Well, I think we are the last group that got into the bus. Very punctual huh? And there almost commotion that morning because of Vun got angry and annoyed with the situation. Can't deny it, some of it was very annoying but have to remain cool..:p

-Goes to Bidong Island by boat/ferry (whatever!) quite a long journey...:D

-Reach the island and yeah, USM is the most happening group! Well, because? Just reached there and we only do like we are on vacation plus we are playing funny games and laugh like fool. No control anymore. Then we are separated into groups. After that we build our tent and having lunch. The lunch was like WOW! (mewah gila k?) Proceed to the LDK (latihan dalam kumpulan) activity like Ice breaking and community trees. During that night, we only have 1talk that conducted by JPNIN.

6th April 2011
-Wake in the morning feeling like P.DIZZY. Not enough sleep! Sleepy to the max! But still have to wake up because this is the IMPORTANT day. First is the aerobic or morning exercise. Simple to the max okay. But its okay, I was looking forward to the activities later.

-First water activity, water confident. Fun and funny to the max! huhuhu! I get the chance to jump 2 times! Yeah! (macam sial gete!) hahahahahaha.. So damn fun! Swim like a pro huh? In your dream la! miakakka...

-Second, snorkeling. Yuhuuu... Super duper best! The funniest part is when I look so confident but actually totally blur! And being left behind by the others..T.T Who says being left behind is a bad thing? For me not really cause I get to see sea turtle! Damn LUCKY! The other group members didn't get to see it, thats mean I'm very lucky! Undeniable!:p the coral ok la. The fish quite a lot but cant touch it! Out of my reach, need to learn scuba diving for that purpose!

-Third, fishing! I've been wanting to go fishing since long time ago. I mean at the sea. If the river level, I'm bored already!hahahaha Manage to get only 1 fish, Kerisi Fish. Okay la tuh~ hahaha.What I'm so happy here is I didn't puke! (cheh, riak gila..tambirang la ko sana...mau kau kana tampiling?hahahha) So still maintain macho. hahaha.

-Lunch time~ Forgot already the the menu.

-Fourth, kayaking! This is my first time kayaking! (eleh, semua pun 1st time ba..kecuali jungle trekking la...) All girls are at the front and I was the only one, I repeat the ONLY ONE girl that kayaking at the back in my group. What the fish?!? (cik esther, ko singaja ka mau tunjuk macho?hahahaha..kuyakkkk) I also tried the rafting, exchange places. It was so scary, I'm afraid I will fall to the sea(macam la teda life jacket kan?mcm budu jak!LOL) Okay la, first time kayaking and it was fun.:D

-Last but not least, the jungle trekking. This one is interesting because we are brought to the past Vietnamese site. History site never fail to amaze me plus the story behind it. But the trek was........ SO RELAX. hahahaha. I feel like the road is only the usual road to go home? Okay that one is exaggerating, but not totally because it feels like my road home. Like 2-3 trips? hahaha. What so memorable is when we rest at a place that have a vine tree. My late grandma often take the water from this vine tree for medication purpose. (I miss you inak!)

-After reached the camp site, I went back to snorkeling again and I was bored already.:p

-Night time, the 'Malam Penghayatan'. So damn ridiculous! I got the ATM machine role k? (tak boleh blah!) But it was quite fun and super MAX FUNNY! Laugh out loud, no insurance.

-Dinner time quite upset with the food.

7th April 2011

-The closing ceremony and going back to USM. Closing ceremony sleepy to the karma level. But have to bear with it since we sit in front the VIP. After that photo session and tidy up places. Going back to the jetty using speed boat that is express to the max! hahaha. Like riding a roller coaster! In our way back, drop by at a petrol station and take our shower. Finally! Then we also stop at Tasik Banding to take some pictures. Reached USM around 12.30am. So tired but still sleep at 3am. (memang buruk perangai!hahaha)

To all that have attended this camp, nice to meet you all. I hope I can see you all again in the future. 3days 2nights is not enough to tighten the friendship bond but I'm glad to know you all. You all are so cool, funny, happy, etc. Although its only short period of time, I still hope the bond will last longer. Until we meet again.:D

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