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Monday, April 25, 2011

My New Obsession!

     Obsession towards? Korean group called Epik High! How and why I become obsessed to this Korean group? To be honest ( as far as I Think I'm being honest! ), I'd never liked Korean group this much! Maybe I like some song from Korean singer or group and it will not exceed 2 or 3songs! I easily become tired of them! In my opinion, this group are so awesome, I like them very much. It was fated meet when I just randomly google search Korean song, for variety of music in other language. :p Epik High was listed as top Korean group, so I listen to few of its song and all the song just amazed and make me dissolve into their music! I just love their music and songs! Okay, now I want to share about this group.XD

-picture credit to Google-

     Epik High is a hip hop group from South Korea, composed of three members - Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. All three members of Epik High can sing, write lyrics, and compose and arrange music. Their music has been known to be a "lyrical piece of literature" and "urban poetry", lyric orientated, soulful and often witty while addressing serious social issues such as identity, discrimination, community, unity and change as a whole. 
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     Epik High was relatively unknown to Koreans in the beginning of its career due to hip-hop music's lack of popularity in Korea. Their success began with the release of their second album, titled "High Society". Upon the success of their third album, "Swan Songs", released in late 2005, Epik High has become one of the most popular hip-hop figures in Korea. Their fourth album, "Remapping the Human Soul", released in early 2007 has shown a very different music style from their previous albums, with the members deciding to head towards a 'no genre, just music' style. Their fifth album entitled "Pieces, Part One" was released in April of 2008. The album was leaked over the internet, however, this did not impede the success of the album when it was released.

Members profile:

-picture credit to Google-


Also known as: Daniel Armand Lee
Birth name: Lee Sun-Woong (이선웅)
Birth date: July 22, 1980
Education: Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Master's Degree in Creative Writing (Stanford University)
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies & reading books
Favorite musicians: Marvin Gaye, Nas, Loveholic, Nell & Kim Tae-woo

*Tablo was a big Hip-Hop fan ever since he could remember, listening to old Run-DMC and Cold Crush tapes and always rhyming around the way in South Korea. But there was one emcee who inspired him to take it seriously. After he heard Drunken Tiger rapping, he became part of a group called Epik High in 2000 and also claimed to be the first emcee to invent the rhyming rifle. In the fickle world of Hip-Hop, Tablo kept his name alive over the years by doing shows and various cameos with the EPMD.
"Verbally intelligent" -Drunken Tiger-

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Real name: Choi Jin (최진)
Birth date: January 6, 1983
Education: High school diploma (Gwangmyung High School)
Hobbies: Movies, music & computer games
Favorite musicians: Rakim, Cunninlynguists, Kim Beom-soo & Hweesung

*The mighty Mithra Jin, a.k.a. Choi Jin, was originally a poet whose poems also worked as rhymes. Park emceeing and poetry readings were the first places where he met his future partner Tablo. They were introduced by a mutual friend and clicked right away because each other's style of poetic rhymes was comparable.
"I'm capable of anything. Anything on the face of this planet, I'm capable of. And I know that. That's the dangerous thing about me, 'cause I know it. And by knowing it...I'll do it. Just to show that...yes, somebody out there got enough balls to do it" -Mithra Jin- 

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Real name: Kim Jeong-sik (김정식)
Birth date: November 19, 1981
Education: Unknown degree (Donga Broadcasting College)
Hobbies: Listening to old music, movies & web surfing
Favorite musicians: Dilated Peoples, D-Styles, Primo & Triple Threat DJs

*First got into DJ-ing in the summer of 1995 while spending his time at illegal raves and warehouse parties, where his passion for the scene and music began. He started playing at local raves and parties in Japan's underground Hip-Hop scene, before moving up to South Korea in 2000 to attend the Technics DJ School. After returning from the academy, he hooked up with Tablo and headed to the states. He worked and DJ-ed on radio shows, live events and clubs around the Boston and NYC area. 
"Turntablist 4 L.I.F.E." -DJ Tukutz- 

-picture credit to Google-

     Their song! There's a lot of it! My favorites songs are:
  1. Love Love Love 
  2. 1Minute 1Second
  3. Paris 
  4. Fly
  5. Fool
  6. One
  7. Umbrella
  8. Girl
  9. Girl Rock
  10. (about to discover more!)

P/S: the purpose of writing this post is to keep me awake! I have to study! By the way, Saranghae Epik High! XD

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