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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CB stand for ?

     Okay, this time I'm trying to be different from last semester. Previous semester, I will post in my blog during the first day of exam with the attire of formal. Well, its already been my habit for dress up formally in the first day of exam. So 'skema' huh? Thats me. :) This semester I didn't post anything for the first day of exam and I didn't wear the formal attire. But I'm still me. hahaha. Just a change of mood.

     My last paper will be held at 2.15pm today at DPC. *Reminder to myself : Please bring along sweater or get frozen inside the exam hall*... achooo! (Who is/are talking about me just now? God Bless Me and you too..:p) Why am I writing this post today? Basically its just expression of rebellious towards this exam paper, Consumer Behavior (CB). This paper sounds so easy right? Consumer- we can conclude all people are consumer because we do consume product and services, Behavior- the personality, attitude, etc. So in short, people behavior. Well, don't underestimate the title of subject. No matter how easy the subject sounded, if you are clueless about the exam format, the exam tips and been reading all the chapter for straight 3days with the feeling of want to vomit, easy? In fact, the word EXAM itself already have BIG impact. Honestly I didn't feel good. Actually I try to score this paper because this a major paper and I don't have that much confident in the other papers. Judging from the progress of my study and reading (I hope I learned too), this is just the same like previous papers that so $%^&** (too extreme to say it).

     I'm looking forward to finish this exam, but not that excited or delighted since I will not be home before July! (T.T) *as if I'm having SO much FUN at home huh?* Well, at least I'm not stranded in this deserted island < okay, lie! Penang is not deserted island. This the the most 'canggih' island I'd been to> and have my comfort crowds .  But I'm looking forward to go home this year since its almost a year I didn't go home (baru satu tahun~) I'm eager to see my hometown, look what had changed since I'm away. (baru satu tahun okay? belum lagi 10tahun ka, drama!:p) I miss those people in my hometown! My favorite crowd, my favorite hang out places, my favorite foods, my TV, my comics, etc. *seems like I got carried away, planing to write a short entry. Now it looks like I expressed too many here. hahaha.*

P/S: To my fellow course mates, all the best and good luck to all of us! Kill the paper today! hahaha. Hope to see you all next semester since we will be having the longest semester break later, 4months! saigo made tatakau! gambatte!

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