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Monday, May 16, 2011

15 May 2011

     Hectic + Chaos + Impulse day! Hectic because late wake up, Chaos because a bit 'kelam-kabut', Impulse because suddenly decided to explore KL with the 'Hop-on Hop off City Tour'. And guess what? It was really awesome! Super duper awesome! Short synopsis, my tourist wannabe day! (I already act like an tourist! LOL) 

      Okay! What is so awesome about this tour? Well, like the tour name 'Hop-on Hop-off', we can hop-on the bus (off course with ticket la weih~). The ticket is quite cheap, for local student, I was charged Rm12 only! And? It was for 24 hours! Thats mean I still can use it today until 3pm! (okay, exposure here. I start my trip on 3pm..:p) For the other packages: 

STANDARD ADULT TICKET (for non-local passenger)

(24 Hours & 48 Hours)

CHILD (5-12Yrs), STUDENT & DISABLE TICKET(for non local passenger)

(24 Hours & 48 Hours)


(24 Hours & 48 Hours)


(Note: This were copied directly from their website <http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/ticket.php>)

     So cheap isn't it? Well, compared to riding taxi or any other mode of transportation(in my opinion). Plus, this bus make it easier for those who want to visit the attraction of Kuala Lumpur. They will stop at 22bus stop and will come every 30min (well, depends on the traffic I guess. Its KL by the way).  Bus with sky view/open deck..... Further information, please read the visitors guide here-->http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/visitor.php

They also have provide the list of the attractions here-->http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/attractions.php

     Okay, stop with the info there, I want to share about my journey! With picture narration..:p

*waiting for train at station .....*

*waiting for the Hop-on Hop-off bus at KL Sentral, the bus-stop is 11b*

*pass through the National Museum*

*the drop the passenger that want to 'hop-off'*

*This is my map..:p*

*this is one of the tourist..hahahah*

*pass through the National Monument junction..:p*

*ah-ah! again this chubby face..:P*

~~pass through several places but didn't manage to take a good picture...=.="~~

*at Dataran Merdeka*

*still there*

* this is the awesome bus! ahahaha...this one with sky view..:) *

*I believe that is Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad..*

*St Mary Church, the oldest church in KL. Built at 1894*

*Its raining, so I can only snap this 'tourist' face..:p*

*this is my awesome pass! :p*

*its raining out there..:) *

*Pass through Suria KLCC*

*Petronas Twin Tower*

*interior of the bus*

*my first hop-off! where is this?:p*

*tadaaa~ KL Tower! I wanted to go here since my first year journey to KL..:p*

* the cultural village there, and my future husband is choosing which house he like.. (okay, its a lie..hahahah)*

*time capsule~*

*the tourist is riding a horse! (impian jadi kenyataan! sobsobsob...)*

* this my first hop-off bus stop..:p*

*awesome park! where? ;p taken from the bus with open decker! :p*

*see? awesome car! I mean the red one.hahaha...Its a buggy I think..:p*

*pass through KLCC*

*pass through the Karyaneka*

*fuhhh, I feel like I'm in New York. (over exaggerating) Touchdown! Bukit Bintang!*

*This boy is my unintended model..;p*

*Say YES! to awesome ! hahahha*

*I realized this poster! And I got the intuition I will meet someone I knew there.*

* <3 *

*Dikir Barat performance..*


* Told ya, I knew I'm gonna meet him here. En Hafiz.. :p*



*1Malaysia dance performance, so many performance? why?*

*This is it! To all adult in Malaysia, Selamat Hari Belia!*

*while waiting for the bus, forgot to mention, I'm already at my 2nd hop-off..*

*next hop-off, China Town! hoohoo! I bought new wallet here..yeay!*

*Last picture since my camera battery already kong..hahahha...*

     Ya, so thats all for my journey. I can't elaborate more although I have lot more story to share. I'm tired and my eyes almost shut and it feels like it was glued. =.=" (okay, mata memang sepet natural. macam c Anicx cakap, mata ni macam ada gam la...hahahhahah) .Night peeps! I need to sleep! Lot more adventure to be discover during my days in KL. Maybe lot more surprises? Who knows? :)

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