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Monday, May 30, 2011

Frustration that make me Frustrated

I didn't frustrated I almost lost at Putrajaya last night. I'm not frustrated because of the RM4 fried mee that tasted suck I ate last night nor the grass jelly water that cost me RM2(a bit but still can be forgiven). I also not that frustrated nor overwhelming excited watching the Super Junior M. I did feel some frustration but it just minor and didn't really affect my day. But. But. I was feeling super-duper mega bombastic frustrated because of HUJAN band! Damn it! Why I fell into this frustrated mode? Because I didn't manage to watch their concert last night! I want to blame the Super Junior M that finished late? Well they finished in time. Or blame the technicians that slow? I saw them running setup the stage after the Super Junior M finished their concert. Or maybe just blame that we have to gather at 12am and the concert started at 11.30pm? Blame the tentative that didn't place Hujan Band to perform first? arghhhhhh... I don't know. 

The one that I really looking forward to, the Hujan performance and I didn't manage to watch it? Kidding me? Seriously I almost cried last night! But it doesn't happen because I'm cool? hahahaha.. I just didn't cry in public space, in the sea of people. I want to watch they perform! Hujan! With the power of soothing in Noh(vocalist) voice and energetic band performance, I really looking forward to their performance! I watched their concert last year at Hot Fm Big Jam Penang, and that hook me totally into their band. Before that I do listen to their songs, but didn't really pay attention. That night I listen to their concert and holding back my tears because listening to their song that just like slap me in the face. What song? Thats my little secret. :p 

The latest song that sung by Noh, Tunggu Sekejap, was very awesome. The original track was sung by Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee. Who doesn't love his songs or films are just weird (I mean P.Ramlee). Okay, back to Hujan. I hope to watch Noh and his band play the song and their another new song, Muda. I love Hujan Band. Their songs are awesome! Well, I think a lot of people know about them right?  To soothe my frustration and the feeling of frustrated, I listen to their songs since this morning. Especially 'Tunggu Sekejap'.

This song was one of the track in Satu Indiepretasi - Dimanakan Ku Cari Ganti. This album was created to give new voice to the old songs. All the songs was sung by local indie band. Here are the track listing:

1. Hujan • Tunggu Sekejab – dari filem Sarjan Hassan (1955)
2. Sevencollar T-Shirt • Jangan Tinggal Daku – dari filem Ibu Mertuaku (1962)
3. One Buck Short • Pok Pok Bujang Lapok – dari filem Pendekar Bujang Lapok (1959)
4. Couple • Menche Che Bujang Lapok – dari filem Seniman Bujang Lapok (1961)
5. Altimet [feat Imran Ajmain] • Maafkan Kami – dari filem Pendekar Bujang Lapok (1959)
6. Subculture • Bunyi Gitar – dari filem Tiga Abdul (1964)
7. Monoloque • Tiada Kata Scantik Bahasa – dari filem Anakku Sazali (1956)
8. Azlan & The Typewriter feat AG & Co • Jeritan Batin Ku – dari filem Ibu Mertuaku (1962)
9. Bittersweet • Getaran Jiwa – dari filem Antara Dua Darjat (1960)
10. Pesawat • Ai Ai Ai Twist – dari filem Masam Masam Manis (1965)
11. The Ramlees (A supergroup featuring Yuna, Liyana Fizi, Amirah [of the band TILU] and Najwa Mahiaddin) • Itulah Sayang – dari filem Anakku Sazali (1956)
12. Pop Shuvit • Aci Aci Buka Pintu – dari filem Nasib Labu Labi (1963)
13. Awanband • Malam Bulan Dipagar Bintang – dari filem Pendekar Bujang Lapok (1959)
14. Grey Sky Morning • Malam Pesta Muda Mudi – dari filem Nasib Do Re Mi (1966)
15. They Will Kill Us All • Sepanjang Riwayatku – dari filem Sesudah Subuh (1967)
16. Yuna • Gelora Jiwa – dari filem Anjuran Nasib (1952)
17. Meet Uncle Hussain [feat Hazama] • Ya Habibi Ali Baba – dari filem Ali Baba Bujang Lapok(1961)
18. Kugiran D’Tepi Pantai • Nujum Pa’ Blalang – dari filem Nujum Pa’ Blalang (1959)

* the one that in red are the songs that I already listen. They all are awesome! I listen to their songs at Xfm

This album can be purchased through online download and physical album. I'm not sure about the online download. But to purchase the physical album can buy here--->>http://store.lagunamusic.my/vmchk/P-Ramlee-Satu-Indiepretasi-CD

*picture credit to Google*
This is the cover of the album.

Back to my Hujan story. To ease my frustration, I want to post the lyric of their song in this album- Tunggu Sekejab.

Tunggu sekejap wahai kasih
Kerana hujan masih renyai
Tunggu sekejap
Dalam pelukan asmara ku

Jangan bimbang
Walaupun siang akan menjelma
Malam ini
Belum puas ku bercumbu dengan dinda

Tunggu sekejap wahai kasih
Tunggulah sampai hujan teduh
Mari ku dendang
Jangan mengenang orang jauh

( korus )

Jangan pulang
Jangan tinggalkan daku sorang
Tunggu sekejap
Tunggu kasih
Tunggu sekejap

P/S: The moment I write this lyric, suddenly its raining. How ironic huh? Love this song.

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