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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Man and Pet..

I believe some of you already read this on the newspaper...

Man and python have joint birthday celebration

It was few days ago right?
I also saw it on the newspaper but I didn't read the details...
Since I'm quite free today..
(free sangatla....assignments belum start lagi~~)
I decided to browse through the internet to search interesting topic or news..
After reading this news..
I can conclude that even animal know to appreciate those who really take care of them..

She said her husband had once tried to give Sako away as he was too busy to look after the reptile.
However, she said less than a month later, Sako left its new home only to show up at Joon Siong’s home.
“Sako showed thanks to his supposed new ‘owner’ by shedding and leaving its skin behind. We were approached by someone a long time ago who wanted to buy the python.
“We were offered RM10,000 but my husband refused to sell him. Sako is like part of our family,” she said.

Addition to that...
It also shows that the bond between man and animal are so close...
and also inseparable...
Too good to be true?
Its happen anyway....

P/S: The snake is celebrating it 21st birthday this year... Same as me! hahahahaha... I'm also thinking to have a pet..But not snake! No offence to people that having snakes as their pet.. I know a girl that having snakes as her pet... :p Snake is just not suitable for me to have it as a pet, I have trauma related to snake, to be actual, PYTHON... Because of this friend, I have the chance to touch the snakes and reduce my 'scared feeling' towards this animal..But have a snake as my pet? Muridana! Watashi wa junbi ga dekite inai!

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