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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What kind of relationship?

Today I attended my minor class, Introduction to Human Communication....
The chapter for this week is Communication in Relationship....
Sounds interesting isn't it?
But, I still didn't focus during lecture and came in late....LOL...
My affection against novel is stronger ... XD
Okay...Okay...Back to the track...
I want to write something that associated with the title....
It was really interesting...
I stopped my reading for a while to listen to the lecture...
So now lets begin~~~~

There are few categories in special relationship (love), they are:
       1.      Eros
-         Eros is a feeling that based on physical and sexuality attraction.
-         People who involve in this relationship stressed on physical qualities (beautiful, handsome, etc).
-         Affected by the lack and superiority of physical.
-         Sometimes missed the important qualities in relationship.
-         Always feel not satisfied in the relationship.

2.    Ludus (not sure its English or Malay)
-         Based on entertainment and excitement.
-         Relationship as a game.
-         Doesn’t see love as something that’s serious.
-         Doesn’t let emotion control actions.
-         Sometimes aggressive from sexual side.
-         Not that loyal and change partners often and easily.

3.    Storge (not sure its English or Malay)
-         Takes time to bloom, slow.
-         Start with friendship.
-         Searching for someone that can be discussed, shares stories and problems and play together.
-         You sometimes didn’t realize when friendship feeling changed to love.
-         Sexual attraction is not the main factor to consider.

4.    Pragma
-         Practical and traditional.
-         Seeking compatibility to fulfill wants and needs.
-         Judging from the social status: family background, profession, etc.
-         Based on logic and act realistic.

5.     Maniac
-         Extreme feelings.
-         Love too much but always feel unsecure.
-         Easily feel jealous, want to conquer and be conquered.
-         Low self esteem.
-         Love is 1st priority and everything to you.

6.    Agape
-         Not selfish and have empathy.
-         Not hoping response from the person they love.
-         More spiritual.
-         Sexual attraction is not important.
-         Hold on to destiny.

*Conclusion: there are many definition of love.
*Every people have different motivation.
*Love can changed from one to another.

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