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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Final Friday on October 2010

My day start at 8.40am in the morning...
(yeah, I sleep at 5am! assignment fever~)
went to meeting at Andy, YK and Boon Fee office with the We Care crews...
was a bit late cause going out from room around 9.30am and the meeting was supposed to be start at 9.30am...
but my breakfast was a bit WOW~
J.Co Doughnut!
Then went to meeting until around 11.30am...
Tawau Project Post Mortem Meeting...
After that, Me, Meredith and Esteranza went to Perangin Mall...
I want to buy sport shoe at Bata!
I bought a pair of new sport shoe(Power brand) for RM60...
I'm satisfied with it!
Then we go shopping~~*Its already 2.30pm, so I accidentally cannot attend my 3pm class...:p*
Meredith bought a new dress which she had been planning to buy not sure since when~
I also tried one of the skirt...but not buying la~
Then we go window shopping....
I've tried a gothic@lolita dress that I have dreamed to wear since long ago...
But didn't manage to take picture with it...
the satisfaction was really can't be described by words...uhuuu~~~
Then that's not only thing that I buy at Perangin Mall...
I also get myself a hand phone strap...
*jealous saw they both have hand phone strap la ni~~*
We having our lunch around 3pm..(maybe)
And once again, I'm happy..
I managed to find Fried Dumpling!
one of my favorite food!*gembira!*
we go to Pacific at Komtar, shopping some things~~
went back to USM around 4.30pm and while inside the bus chat with my friend~
we reminisce our schedule this week...
and guess what? We realize that  we are having soooooooo much fun for the whole week!
enjoy to the max!
and I do drastic decision and action...
after reach at Sg Dua bus stand....
Me and Meredith went to D'Stylish....
I decided to cut my hair!
Its really drastic for me okay?
I didn't cut my hair around 1 year already!
Now it was much more shorter than I've cut this few years....
(and I was wrong by assuming that my face will look awkward after cutting my hair...because?its still me~~LOL)
Then? went back to Andy, YK and Boon Fee office to get our things and get positive comment about my new hair...:p
we planning to go back....
but guess what?
Fatin bring us to eat at Yan...............*forgot the name of the place already...*
'Lepaking' with some crews and having a wonderful dinner...
Arja suggested we go to Andy apartment to swimming....
and without thinking further, we all agreed upon it!
*craving to swimming~*
Christina sent us back to hostel to grab our clothes and we go to Andy apartment and?
SWIM! really fun heh?
but feel so sad, YK can't join us...
she is going to KL...gonna miss her so much~~
but we managed to play a while....
push people to the swimming pool and I got 'heret' by 4person...
well, I'm the one that started to push people and they just revenging....:p
we went to Andy apartment and touring a mini zoo there...
got snakes, gecko, and other pets of YK~
Andy wanna bring us to watch movie, "The Other Guy"..
but some of us including me want to go back hostel...
feel tired~~
this all are my summary of my whole day activities~
I got snap some pictures~
So now lets the pictures talk....XD*excited~*

 *My Breakfast~*

*Fried Dumpling!*

*My new sport shoe*

*My new Hand phone strap...ngeheheh*

*Hungry? Grab a Snickers*

*during window shopping, buy ribbon..got something to do~*

*Try a skirt~hahaha...*

*my look before I cut my hair*

*After cut my hair~*
*this one? currently reading to this book...haven't finished yet...still long way to go~*


  1. haha,gunting jgk akhirnya..kalo nda,mcm pontianak sda.. :p

  2. Syooknya~ i miss going out n do random unplanned things. cute bah ur new haircut,, kawaii. try jodi picoult's my sister keeper. waaaaayy better. tp eat, pray n love pun nice jua la. :))

  3. raeff: hahahah...akhirnya hasrat mau pth rambut suda tercapai~~

    lot: sy baru mau belajar baca buku english yg macam ni...tp kalau novel melayu, mmg fevret la...hahahha...:)

  4. haha..ngus..len kali potong kasi pendek lg..wonder how u'd look like..ermmm~

  5. say mmg ada plan mau potong pendek lagi ni...hehehhe....tp sabar2 la dulu~~:p

  6. love reading your blog :)