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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another scary dream!

I can't stand it..another dream appear! why am I dreaming all these kind of dream? SCARY! HORRIBLE! SURPRISING! ANNOYING! last night, i was dreaming something that really scary! but I couldn't refresh it...and when i went to bed this morning, i sleep at 4am..another scary dream appears! what i could remember is, i'm watching someone from the outside of the window,and the person was stuck there because of heavy rain.. There was a guy there and with a girl..I don't know what they doing there..then after the rain stopped, i was going to the pantry to take hot water..I'm in a such a hurry and wear my neighbor slippers,running to the pantry..I feel my foot was so heavy to run,but i continue running....and on the way back to my room, i encountered with the guy i saw outside my window,and he totally ignored me..the most pathetic incident is...his friend laugh at me and he just joined them...it hurt you so much when the guy that laugh at you is someone important to you...suddenly the hostels room are changed! they said the room already changed and i don't know where is my room and i couldn't find it...so i just walking around without slippers( the slippers was gone while i'm running),and looked really blur to my surrounding...i awake few times in my dream but when i sleep back...it was the same place that in my dream..then the environment changed...i was in my hometown and wandering with my friends at the weekend market..we just strolling and chatting...after that i can't remember what happened...but the last scene that leave me really big surprise when my mum suddenly holding a pistol and become out of control..she was crying and trying to shoot herself and my youngest brother..i rushed to her and hold the gun away from my brother...in the end,i'm the one who got shot at my chest..the last thing i remember in my dream is i just lying there after got shot and my mother totally ignored me...is this just my feeling?why i keep encountered with such dream?i started to feel uneasy about all this things! the beginning of this month was disasters for me...where i have to face my feelings and stressful work environment...with many things to do and i have to face some of people behaviors that really annoy me but i just can bear it and cannot just blurt it out...not only the people that i have known for a short while...same goes to the people that i had known for a period of time....and when some of it settled...now comes the series of bad dreams...if this series of stress continue to attack me...i'm really going to be dead soon...i want to do something that really can lessen my stress burden...one of it is by writing in blog...another method...will be discovered later..or should i try my old method?hurm....

*back to english mode,writing in bahasa make me speechless...*


  1. wuts wrong??lots of things bothering u is it??
    get hold of urself k??b strong.. =)
    talk to anyone u trust..

  2. pink...ko cuba gia cuci kaki ba b4 tdo...n make sure if can la..try pray ka...u stress out ba tu,2la byk yg main dlm otak ko tu,smpai tmimpi pun yg bkn2....try la k...

  3. raeff: dunno...thanks...nnt kalau sa susa ati sa BUZZ!!! ko la...hahahha

    Ditz: ada bha sa cuci kaki....tp this few day teda suda...berkat sa minum ovaltine kali...:D