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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Drama? Movie? Life?

Today, basically just enjoying my day doing nothing. As if I already done my revision right? Okay, lets put that aside. Just want to share some thought today. 

Just now when I went to cafe for lunch (my lunch time today is almost 4pm) , I watched Malay drama series titled "Debunga Lalang". (so what if I watch this kind of drama?) Watch it for the first time, and I realized that Malaysian drama plays a lot of sentimental value. So? Malaysian are trained to value the sentimental feelings, I think. Our feelings are manipulated by the media, to make it balance, it is more crucial to strengthen our mind. Its not bad thing that we value sentimental feeling but when we are not strong to face the facts/reality, this can be very damaging to personality and development. Who am I to tell this? No one, I am just me. I just want to say that, face the reality. Hurt by reality is better than hurt by those fictions or fantasy etc. *Okay, I mumbled*

And when I reached my room, I listen to a song titled "Idola" by Azlan and The Typewriters. It was Hoore! Hoore! movie soundtrack. After some effort to ask uncle Goo, I watch it online. Nice movie, questioning some situation and perception that occur in Malaysia. I can't really explain it but for me, its really motivating. Plus, it used concept like musical movie. Well, don't compare so much with other movie, just enjoy it. :)

P/S: I just can't rest my mind if I didn't write this out. It keeps playing in mind. Media Plan still doesn't ring any bell to my mind. Warning is not yet arised. *statement memang pemalas gila!*

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