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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Double festive!

         Hey! Hey! I’m writing again in this diary! What I want to write today? Firstly, I want to wish “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri” to all Muslim’s in this world and also Happy 54th Independent Day to all Malaysian. It’s blessed that this year the Raya Day clash with the Malaysia’s independent day. (Last year it is same too! And I think next year it would be the same too!)

            First day of Raya Day, it was yesterday. What I do and where I went? I wake up quite early yesterday, but lazy to get up. So I just lay in my bed until fall asleep again. Not in the mood to SMS my friend to wish them Happy Raya, so I just replied those who had SMS me. (I think I’m really not into texting people now. It just so contra when I remember last time I was like cannot stop replying SMS, texting whole day and night, even when in class. That’s one of the reasons I’m awake in class? Hahahahaha) Then, my mother persuades me and my brother to go to her in-laws house. I was reluctant at first because I’m not into the mood of visiting them. Last time I go to their house is 3years ago. That time they still at their old house. I haven’t been to the new location of the house, so I’m scared and lazy to go. (Wouldn’t you be scared when you heard there is no electricity, and that place only can be reached by speed boat? To be exact, I feel it was very fussy!) My brother stands still for his decision, he doesn’t want to get up from his bed. Me? I have to go along because I don’t like it when my mother sulking. It was very annoying, fussy when I have to see those faces. What really tickles my anger in the beginning is rain! Argh! Muddy! But I control my anger and just go along with the plan. (Be patient, be patient, relax, relax. I whisper those words inside me) Then? We have to wait for speed boat, another annoying activity. (I feel that I really want to burst at that moment. Why there are so many things annoy me in this first day of Raya?) When I hop into the boat, it was a turnout of an event. I feel so calm and enjoying the boat ride along the river. So, the anger just like that cooled off by the wind. Reached there, off course first thing to do is filling my tummy! I’m excited and enjoying the awesome and delicious Sambal Belacan! hahahahaha. Not the Ketupat or Rendang, but Sambal Belacan! (Well, it’s hard to eat delicious Sambal Belacan at Penang! Or to be precise, it’s just far from my standard of ‘delicious’.) Well, it’s like the Katy Perry song lyrics, Comparisons are easily done, when you had the taste of perfection…” After that, eat Soto! I ate 2 bowls of Soto! Then, I just sat there and blank! Why? No electricity, so no TV, no radio, no fan, etc. No entertainment! Luckily the weather is not too hot that time, so I decided to listen to my MP3, eating Kuaci, and just watches my brother, Rahim, fishing. Besides that, I also enjoying the ocean view. (This one is super awesome cool! I love the view of ocean!) It’s already 4pm and I’m whining to my mother to go home. (Well, it’s more to complaining and persuading session.  :P) She say she will stay back!? The last thing I want to do is sleep there! So, I just go home alone. Not a problem! Again, I’m enjoying the view and breeze there. (Even fantasizing to have evening boat ride with someone special. Together watching the sunset and enjoy the sea breeze. Perghhh.. How was it? :P ) Enjoying the moment and totally didn’t prepare myself for the next possible events! We have to go through a muddy swamp to reach the shore! I almost fell into the muddy swamp! Omaigosh! Then, the harder part is to find water to wash feet. I’m so tired to complain or even to think about it, so I just kept quiet and found a pail of rain water and wash my feet there. Skip the journey goes home. Reached home, I’m just so happy like super-super excited! My mum and stepfather won’t be home tonight! I would conquer the living room! Hahahahaha. But something suddenly destroyed the excitement! My friend called me and tells me that he is involved in an accident! What the?!? From what I heard from him, it was quite critical. Luckily no one is in critical conditions. Stitches and bruises sound normal to me. Involved in accident in the first day of Raya is still sound tragic for me. Lucky that he is the type of calm and fast thinker person, I believe he is. But he sounded frustrated because the car is recently bought! He had been using it less than 2month! (If me? Huh? Don’t know what will happen) Hope he is fine now. Last night I sleep quite early, headache.

            2nd day of Raya and also independent day! I wake up at 5.30am! I don’t believe it! Hahahaha. Wake up, online and just wondering inside the house. And? Do some house chores? (I can’t believe it myself! Whatever it is, it’s a good thing right? :P) Then, lying down at living room watching TV. Fell asleep for awhile. (Huh! Home alone are great! Awesome! And cool too! :P) Prepare my own lunch and that’s the time my mum reached home. Booo! Not home alone now. L  But I’m still glad that she is home safely. After that, continue watching TV. My mother again spoiled the fun of watching TV when she dragged me to an open house. It’s tiring! If the road is not ‘berbukit-bukit’, maybe I still can accept. I don’t prefer to go there because I’m not used to the people there. Boooo! And I really hate to say this. My mum friend wants to introduce me to her son? Hohohoho. This is really ridiculous! So, I just flash my deathly stare to my mum to warn her. Don’t even think about it! I’m not interested! Back from the open house, I straightly take my nap. Yeah! Wake up around 7-8pm just now. (It’s because I’m annoyed with the Ridsect’s smell. It was awful smell that poisonous. I’m not sure if it can actually kill people, but it surely kills mosquitoes! I don’t want to spend the rest of less than 2 weeks holiday lay in my bed, poisoned.) Now, I’m just typing this diary entry and enjoying my coke.

P/S: Tomorrow, another open house to attend. This one is not based on ‘dragged’ position, this one is free will! To my classmate open house. I haven’t seen her for quite a long time, kind of miss her. Hopefully it will not be reminisce the past session. hahahaha. Whatever it is, it’s better than dragged by my mum to join her to open house. Today incident is enough! It’s embarrassing! That’s all for today entry, till we meet again diary. (it really took some time just to open the web page.. Doing this entry took me about 1/2 hour, but to upload all the pictures and loading? approximately 2hours!arghhh) J

This small guy is lighting his firework.

Yeah, with his lighted firework.

Enjoying together.

He is serious. Wrong mood huh?

First day of Raya, waiting for the speed boat.
Age is not a measure to enjoy the nature.

Those kids sure are adorable. :)

Trying his luck fishing.

A grandma playing with her grandson.

Enjoying the sea breeze and flash a smile. :)

Feel the wind, enjoy the moment.


A grandma with her granddaughter  in a small boat.

Love the view.

Ready to launch. Nescafe and Milo had nothing to do in this launching. :P

Its launched!

Firework. <3
*all the pictures are re-sized into 600x800. The resolution not so good. The original file sure are too big to upload. (to be honest, I'm not satisfied with it)

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