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Monday, August 1, 2011

When it comes to...

            Hello there! After facing a lot of ‘susah payah’, I manage to online. Well, the line is not so good here. I’ve been staying at home nearly a week and I guess I gained some ‘extra meat’ here. Hahahaha. The previous post, I guess I’m too lazy to continue about that. I only write what crossed my mind and when the thing passed, the intention to write will become undesirable.
            For the past few days, I only watched dramas, movies and anime. (Not including the inconsistent meals and sleeps I had) I’ve been sleeping in day time and eat supper almost every night. (*Sigh* I think this time will gain more weight…T.T) The person that called me ‘fat’ will be extraordinary happy teasing me. *sigh*
            Spend time with family totally was not the top list in my life. But when you have all members around it might be exciting. Few day before I’m quite not comfortable when I have to sleep with my 3brothers in a bed. (It is so uncomfortable and annoying when every person has their own habits that will irritate you while sleeping) But looking at their sleeping faces makes me smiles in the middle of the night. (Sounds creepy huh? Well, I usually sleep ‘quite early’ in the morning. So I have to cope with their sleeping habits) Last night was the ‘greatest’ night. I have to share the bed with 4brothers! All in a bed! (Luckily it was queen-sized bed, if single bed, surely there will be person that sleep on the floor!) Surrounded by brothers at home can be very tiring and yeah, annoying. Here and there shouting, crying, and the most intolerable are ‘menjawab’! You ask them nicely, and they answer with some annoying words and expression. (It’s in the family huh?) Try to argue with me? It’s their death wish. Luckily my first brother is more matured now. The rest are no difference, the secondary, the primary and the youngest. But yeah, it’s really hard to have this scenario, actually is no other place than this. I just come with a thought; this is another moment that I can reminisce when it comes to family topic.

P/S: I think this is enough. I feel that I want to sleep late tonight than the usual early morning. I’m really will age very fast in this way.

(I don’t know what’s that still holding me back, it is that I’m still not ready? Hurm, dealing with feelings sure are complicated.)

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