♥♥Just about what I have gone through every day... So it will remind me of my life path up until now... I want to express it with words... My small brain can’t afford to keep it all... The language may 'Campur2' because it’s my diary after all... who will cares anyway??? XD♥♥

♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

            Hey, it’s me again! Feeling sucks now. Sometimes I just want to run away from all these matters, but how far I can run? No matter where I go, these matters will always haunt my mind. Tried to forget about it but when I see it, the anger inside me just rule my feeling. I know this already happen and nothing about it I can reverse. These clearly show that life is about decision. Every decision that we made will shape our paths. Every action that we take has its own consequences. Everyone has their own problems and anxiety. I hate to behave this way but this is the only way for me to lessen my heart burden. This anger I just can’t express it because it only brings greater problems. I can’t talk but I can write. I wish that I can talk these matters straight to the face of the people that may concern, but I know that is not the wise decision to do now. I have to manage and stabilize my life first. When the time comes, I might be able to do something about all these matters. Till we meet again my diary. J

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