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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“Mouth is in our faces, I can’t stop them, and they can’t stop me.”

People always dreamed to be something or someone in their life. It could be anything! To the realistic and fantasy. Anything! But do they really pursuing their dream? Ask people around, do they achieved their dream? Do they already satisfied in their life? What is success means to them?

Another finding in my surfing session. A man aged 44 years old, will be making his 15th attempt to enter college this year! When is it? Its today! 7th of June 2011! He is known as 'the first iron head in China' for the number and determination of attempt to enter the college examination. He will be sitting with her son in the National College Entrance Examination. He is Liang Shi, a businessman (from a source saying that he is millionaire!), his first attempt to enter university was in 1983 and he is enrolled to the national entrance exam until 1988 but he failed all the examination.

Liang Shi had been working since 1990 and changing jobs (mechanist, timber jack, clothing and television vendor) before starting his own construction materials business in 1995. He is quite successful now with 200workers working under him last year! (the workers might be more than that now!) Beside the fact he changing his jobs before owning his own company, he also studying hard for the exam all these years but not obtaining enough marks to pass the exam. His dreams is to be admitted to Sichuan University to study in Math major.

His son is not quite happy with him for some reasons, maybe? But his wife is quite supportive with his effort.

“Mouth is in our faces, I can’t stop them, and they can’t stop me.”

"i have four sisters and brothers, and none of us is a college graduate. thus i think it's worthy of fighting for in realizing this dream for my family," liang shi was quoted as saying

"Whatever I do, I still take care of the family well, I did not neglect them and my business."

Although Liang Shi has failed in his past 14 attempts, he said: "I will not give up."
Asked if he was confident that he would pass this year, he said: "The revision did not go that well, but I will do my best!"

Think back people. Have you been this determined to achieve your dream? 

For all students out there, how many time you have faced with the failures? How many times you get back and pursuing your target?
I feel that is just normal when you feel frustrated or sad when you failed. But don't drag it too long, get up and try again! There is nothing impossible in this world as long as it is realistic to achieve! Some people even prove to the world that impossible things can be made with hard work! For students, fail or didn't achieve your target is not an excuse for you to let it go. You still can try harder to achieve your target or dream as long as you are breathing and have the will! 

P/S: Thanks Liang Shi! You just make me inspired to do better in my next exam! I will be supporting your intention and hopefully you can pass the examination this year! Go for it! Its almost 2 am in the morning! Time to sleep. :D

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