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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abused for not calling 'mom'?

      I was surfing the web and browse through some news. Its kind of silent night, my current room mate is already asleep. Certainly can't watch funny movies or anime, I will laugh like stupid person and disturb her sleeping. She need to wake up for internship work tomorrow. As for me, I need to wake up earlier for morning jog. It is important for the so called 'captain' me to set a good example to the rest of the team. But yeah, I'm not gonna sleep now. :p

     My late grandmother was quite a fierce lady. Not quite but sangat  fierce! My mother? Well, she is not so fierce but so hard-headed. I think I was the hybrid of this two lady. :P I'm growing up watching this two lady fighting every time they meet or even worst when there are issues arises. The fighting scene is not only limited to word-fighting. No need to elaborate. =.=" I'm close to my late grandmother because she is the one that raise me up since I was a baby and I only known my mother when I was 3 years old by coincidence and I swear I was totally speechless that time. I'm speechless, blur and just follow my mother and watching my late grandmother crying. It was very sad moment that people may thought only exist in drama. Not for me. I was in the middle, my late grandma (I call her Inak, means mother in Kadazan/Dusun language) and my mother was pulling my hand both side. Drama? I would call it reality. .............................

< stop with my childhood memory, enough for the opening>

     This post is written because of an article I found at www.dailychilli.com. It was about a 5years old girl that abused by her mom! Well, a lot of stories mother abuse her child with their own reasons. But her reason seemed to be ............(no words to describe it)....... She abused her 5 years old daughter for not calling 'mom'! In the first place, why she didn't call her 'mom'?

This 5years old girl named Linlin was returned to her parent home's April last year. She been living with her grandmother since she was a baby and didn't acknowledged her mom and refused to call her 'mummy'. Her mother feels annoyed about it and started to beat the girl since then. She have 9 years old sister and 3 years old brother. She was taken care by her grandmother since her mother had no time to watch her, working parents.

"She beat me everyday, with her hands, legs, sticks, hangers, bricks…," Linlin told reporters at her hospital bed on Wednesday.

Wang punched her daughter and fractured her rib bones. She also cut her with a pair of scissors and hit her hands with bricks.

"She was also found to be suffering from malnutrition," said Dr Ni Daolei, adding that her condition was stable now.

Her mother even beat with bricks? Thats really sound very nice huh? Punched her own daughter? Cut with a pair of scissors? Is she is mentally ill? And what her mother says about this?

"She ignored me, refused to call me 'mother'. She doesn't love me. See, I have never beaten her sister and brother," the 41-year-old Wang said.
Asked about the injuries, she answered bluntly: "They were certainly inflicted by me, I don't care."

"She doesn't love me?" How was supposed the 5 years old child to acknowledge her mother and love her when she is being taken care by her grandmother before? Maybe I don't know about how their family going, but I just can'y imagine how a mother can do these and not sorry for it? And another interesting fact? The mother is currently pregnant 7 month! She abuse her 5 years old daughter and carrying a baby in her belly? She doesn't afraid isn't it? The baby in her belly could have affected by it! She is arrested by the police but later was bailed out because she is pregnant. 

There is no story about the father, so I can't say anything about it. A concern neighbor surnamed Zhu that report this to the police.

"There was one time I saw the mother kicking Linlin until the girl landed outside the house.
"She crawled slowly to the door, then her mother stepped on her body several times. But Linlin dared not cry," he said, added the girl was given two meals a day.
"She ate a little bit in the morning, had no lunch and then ate the leftovers from the family at night," another neighbour said.

2meals a day?! Leftovers? Its really getting my nerves now! I can't believe this is happening in this world now.

The girls can be in trauma for this incident! It would affect her for a lifetime! Maybe she would never acknowledge the woman that so called her mother anymore. Who knows? 

P/S: Its only 5 years old and she didn't hesitate to beat her. Wait until she is 25 years old. Would her mother beat her for not calling her 'mom'? 

I'm really lucky and gifted because not abused in that way. 5 years old? Its a time when children are started to know and realized a it of their surrounding. I still can remember how my life is when I was 3 years old. I might be surrounded by a fierce and hard-headed women in my life, but this is just too much! I fight with them, but I love them so much. Its not only by words we can express love. Is she is too young (41 years old?!? My mom even younger than that when I was 5 years old!) to discover this? It would take some time for child to adapt their surrounding. And it can't be force through beating! Why can't the mother sit back and think 
about her action. That is not her first child and she is expecting another child soon. This is just too much. 

Resource :http://www.dailychilli.com/news/12029-girl-abuses-daily-for-not-calling-mom

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