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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slowing Down

     Slowing down? Yeah, totally slowing down in blogging. Hurm, no things to share or post?

Actually there are lot of things to share but there are few factors that restraining me from updating my blogs. The factors are: 

1. Lazy. The most important and hard to escape factor. Rather than updating my blog, I prefer to sleep, play games, watching movie / anime, Facebook, etc. Thats why almost all the time I was blogging during 11am-6am, most active time..:p 

2. Assignments and homeworks. This few weeks been busy with assignments and homeworks. So didn't have time to blogging. Most of the time, I spend my 'active time' doing my works. :p

3. Occupied with activities. I can say there are lot of things ongoing this few weeks. I just came back from the Malaysian Gold Jamboree last night. My body are aching now. Although the management quite 'berterabur', its okay for me as long as there are friends around. (will elaborate more this in next post). Let me recall what are the activity in March I have attended.
  • Malam Citra Bayu 2011
  • Penang X-Jam
  • Karate Upgrading
  • Adwave week
  • Malaysian Gold Jamboree
*okay, lot of it I forgot already. hahaha.. These are some that I can recall. (cheh, macam la saya yang urus...LOL)


P/S: I think thats all for this post, I'm really speechless~ :p And almost forgot to mention...


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