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Monday, March 14, 2011

Penang X Jam 2011

Last Saturday, 12March 2011, my senior had bring me to watch Penang X Jam 2011 at Penang Youth Park. I'm so thrilled because I've wanting to watch skateboarding competition since few years ago. Although I'm surrounded by skateboarders (before this someone special to me is a skateboarder), but I've never been to skateboarding competition! Its not that the person didn't join any competition, its just that the timing always clash. So, I'm so satisfied because get the chance to go and complaint...hahaha.. Not only skateboarding, they also have BMX challenge.. Drinking water while diving (direct translation..LOL)

   To be honest (truthfully, honestly, the truth and only truth), the skateboarding competition was...... Not so interesting. Maybe because I've seen much better skateboarders than they. No offence! I'm just being honest! Well not all of them are that lame, few of them are so good! That was the brothers from Japan, they are just very nice! Skill and experience aspect, super-super no comment! And also a few guys that can play. Need more exposure and training guys! Even my senior say that. Now, picture time!

The guy from Japan. His skill are so good! :D

He again..:D

His in the air moment!

His brother.. So small, but skill wise? Superb weih!

He is just so great! 

Clean landing! No falling down!

This brothers was so amazing! And I'm surprised if they didn't get the top rank. (Since I didn't watch the final round, I'm not sure about the winner) They are the highlights of the day. If they are not there, surely I will cry because its not easy to wake up early on Saturday! hahaha. Okay! Next! Pictures of some nice moment.. :p

I only managed to capture these. Well, what do you expect from pictures that captured using digital camera? And amateur? Plus person that only seated at the audience seat? Who cares by the way?(merepek!)

Okay, that was skateboarding section. Now the BMX section! This section more interesting maybe? Yeah, maybe. No hurt feeling, I'm born with all this MEAN words but truths. :p Now, the pictures section again!

Huh, enough! I will end up uploading all the pictures! For the rest of the pictures, please visit this link-->>Penang X Jam 2011

Okay, 1/2 hour wasted here! Time to get ready! Got class afterwards. Till the next post! *Rocketeer please!*

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