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Friday, March 25, 2011


     This few days I've no idea what to post in my blog. Don't know what to share or talk about. I did share a song lyric, just to have new post. really don't have any idea to post. so I decided to...just mumbling some crap today! hahaha.. Hopeless stupid and annoying? Who will care? NO ONE.. :D

     Hurm..something interesting come into my mind. Actually it was not so interesting. But its better than spitting some nonsense here. I will end up being emotional and melancholy. Hell no! I don't want to involve in any melancholy state now please. Okay, back please!

     I just think that this week is interesting cause its feel like it was FREEBIES week + QUESTIONNAIRE week. Why freebies week? I've been receiving lot of freebies this week.

      Thanks to the ADWAVE's iN-SPIRED 2011! I got freebies from its launching event! Well its worth it to go to the launching event than wandering hopelessly around USM. After that? Thanks to Fly Fm Troopers for the bunch of questions and freebies! I nearly lost my voice because shouting so hard, what they call it? 'PENUH PERASAAN'!! hahaha.. Okay, thats not the end! When I am in front of the tutor room for my minor, just realized that the tutorial was cancelled! (kedapatan nda p lecture!)LOL! Then they have doing some talk there, about Malaysian Tourism? Well, I'm quite interested with this. And then, persuaded by the lecturer there. So thats it, impromptu activity. Its not bad listen to this talk, educating and informative. So I'm satisfied. AND? Not to miss out, FREEBIES. So many freebies in a day huh? That's not including the Nescafe booth(or truck?W.E!) Drink a lot of nescafe.:p Almost forgot to mention the bunch of papers @ questionairre @ response form to be filled for the events purposes and also for education. its not 1-2, its like almost 10 form to be filled!

    Okay, the next day (Wednesday). I was planing to go to the 9am class. But again, accidentally escaped! hahaha. Good excuses huh? But still going out from my room, to submit some form print notes and wandering. hehehehe. Pass through the DTSP foyer and grabbed some VICO to fill my thirst. When I walk at the DK foyer, Clinique was doing workshop there. I get some consultation about my skin and get some free sample. huh! Free again. After that? I think thats all.. :D

    Yesterday (Thursday), went to Entrepreneurship class. And it was the last class! huh! lucky huh? Next week, Thursday is FREE DAY! LOL! We having our lunch at Fajar Harapan Cafe, what a crowd! Spotted a vegetarian stall there.:p While eating and chit chatting with my course mate about some funny stuff, we were approached by the Libresse crew and get free stuff, off course after filling some form. (AGAIN) Then attended the workshop that I registered the day before with my course mate.  Well, its kind fun and informative workshop. (correct way to wear eye liner, blusher, etc) ya, and again freebies awaiting from Clinique once more. I'm loving it! :p

    I guess thats all for this entry. Not so interesting. I'm a boring person. Today my course mate informed me, "Esther, you look very serious and garang if people doesn't know you." Okay, no objection. I will just admit it. XD

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