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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just some thought

            Ishashiburi desu ne? Hi! Hi! What’s the topic for today? Well, I’ve been home for around 4days. This is my forth night at my house. Last night I sleep quite early, but wake up later at 12am. It’s a phone call from across the sea. <3 Long conversation and again I sleep when its morning. My intention to go to Tamu this morning has to wait some others time. I wake up in the noon time and went out to KFC to online. (The line was really awesome SUCKS!)

            Okay, change the topic. Actually last night I’m thinking to write about this. But yeah, last night it was raining heavily so it just nice to sleep early. :p The day before yesterday, I was riding an uncle bus. He is one of the drivers in my hometown. He is quite famous here with his issues. And the gossips that he will share with people. He talks quite a lot. Way back then, I enjoy riding his bus because he got lot of the latest issues. Inside the country and global issues too. Amazing isn’t it? He even knows about my friends stories than me. Okay skip this long intro. 2days ago, he talk about her daughter. He only has one daughter and was a university graduate. He sound upset because his daughter was a university graduate but didn’t get a job at government office. (Well, why must government?)

            I realized that, lots of parents are hoping for their children to get a job in government sector. Why must government? Is working with government will have a good pay? More secured job? Have a lot of holidays? I’m not sure. But why must government? The private sector is not good enough? If everyone aiming for the government, who will work at private sector? And why can parents can’t think that their children can be an entrepreneur? Malaysians are not good enough to stand with their own feet? Malaysians are not qualified to work in private sector? Malaysians can’t be an entrepreneur?

P/S: Every great people in this world are not naturally born with greatness but the path that they choose that make them great.

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