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Sunday, July 3, 2011

First night at home

     Hey! I'm home! Ya, like technically at home. Its already 2.30am in the morning and still not sleeping (that so me right?). My last post was about me reaching Sabah. The first thing I do is off course go to eat (after my friend fetch me) and I ordered my all time favorite drink! Teh C Ping! hahahahaha! Feel so happy! (sangat la over kan?) And order soto ayam. The drink was awesome like it always did but the food not my level of taste, I want something that even awesome. I don't really care because when I wake up later, I will go lunch with my man~ (ya, directly lunch. Breakfast? Still sleeping I guess...:p) Hopefully we can grab nice food to feed my tummy! First night at home can't say anything yet. My mum said all the pimples in my face was due to lack of sleep. I can't deny it since I admit that my sleeping problem was like critically hard to reschedule. hahahahaha. Whatever it is, I might go hit the sack after this or maybe go for a round of Fruit Basket anime! I know its an old anime and I just get it from a friend. Maybe an episode wouldn't hurt that much eh? hahhahahahaha. After all, good night people! Get some beauty sleep there.:P

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