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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Its already December! Yeay! *nothing to be so happy about anyway* By the way, I moved to a new place. It sure a bit far from my current workplace, but will be closer to next year workplace. huhuh! *still, it will a bit hard to wait for bus here*  Lets skip about workplace for awhile

The new place its quite 'packed'. Total person in the house is 7, including me. Woahhh. I don't know them before, so its a bit awkward for me. Not forgotten, there are 4 guys in the house! Okay, it become more awkward. Been living here for a week and still feel awkward. Yes, I am the awkward anti-social fella here. It's a bit expensive here, so I need to be more careful on my spending. *I hope I can get through this*

P/S: Okay, I need to prepare to sleep now. No more late for work please. :)

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