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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Today, started to write again in my blog! Actually got nothing to say, but my blog look kind of lonely! Miss me huh? I miss you too! :')

Okay, maybe I can start by sharing my subject that I registered this semester. Not so much, only 15 unit. But, don’t belittle of marketing subjects during final year. These subjects might strangle you in their own way. Like so much challenge? You will get it. Just be careful what you wish for. ;)

Okay, let’s start with the compulsory subject first. To be reminded, this is my personal opinion. It might different from other people perspective. J

1.      Business Ethics (core subject)

-          This subject is quite confusing. But I like it because it’s very critical. It helps me to reasoning for the decision that I made/choose. There is no right or wrong answer but it depends on how you defend/argue your answer. Some might have guideline but this subject can train people to be more objective in their decision making. It also can help me to realize the values that can be used in some situations. It’s not about yes or no, right or wrong, but more toward reasoning.

2.      Brand Marketing (elective subject)

-          This is really interesting. We can be a brand manager! Well, we have to come out with a product or service for the company that we got assigned to and have the opportunity to present it to the manager of the company! This is very exciting and also can be very stressful! Hahahaha. And we have less than a month to come out with a product or service. Alongside with that, we have to work on another project, L’oreal Brandstorm 2012! It’s very exciting experience last time we participate on this. But this time we can choose whether to join or not but it still compulsory to do the project. So what’s the plan? No idea! :P

3.      Media Planning (minor)

-          I still got no idea what really is this. But it looks like very interesting subject. We plan media for products and services. We have to learn about the media and decide which media that suitable for our product. I heard that we will have real project from outside agency. Wow! This is really something. And yes, another headache! ==”

4.      Spoke English (university course)

-          Okay. Why did I take this course? Not just to fill my university course, I want to be more confident when conversing in English. I can speak English but I believe that this course will help me in my English. Just done my individual oral presentation few days ago. My topic is “The Impact of Racism in Society”. The topic look easy, but I can’t complete and prepare my topic for about a week! The most pathetic is that I finally got the real content to present the morning before the presentation! To think that I get sick because of this. Make me feel so pathetic! And its 25%! Damn! After this we will have panel discussion and debate as well. I hope I can do better in my next presentation because there will be solely on coursework! I hope I didn’t screw so much on my individual oral presentation.

5.      Traditional Dance (university course)

-          To be honest, I want to take this during my first year. I really want to learn traditional dance. I enjoy dancing. I’m not a good dancer, but who care? As long I enjoy doing it, I will do! During my first year, I choose karate as my co-curriculum. I completed 3 semesters and because of that I’m representing my university for karate. Maybe if I join this during my first year, I will be my university dancer? No idea. Hahahahaha. So far, we have learned to dance Inang and Zapin. Another one would be Joget. At the end of November, we will be dancing one of these steps and perform during the co-curriculum night. Isn’t that exciting? J We will see then. :P

P/S: before I post this, I write my entry using Microsoft Word and it reached 2 pages! Imagine if I were doing my assignment, it will be already 2 pages! But never mind, for you my diary, a little time wouldn’t be so much. I’m hurting to see you without updates. Till we meet again. J

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