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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday morning :)

            Yeah! Finally! I’ve been posting from my Blackberry for quite some time. Laptop is only for Facebook, Youtube and anything that other than blogging. Idea doesn’t come easily but for sure it goes quite fast. The idea is still there but the inspiration or motivation to write is gone somewhere over the rainbow? Hahahahahaha. Okay, enough with this introduction. Now I will write what actually I want to write. :P
            Actually I’m really annoyed and frustrated! Why is that? Last night I sleep quite early, just 25minute past 12 a.m. It’s good! I’m grateful for that. Seriously! But what makes me really annoyed is just 15minute before 3a.m. I’m awake! Not to mention the pain in the ass and hungry! Damn it! Arghhhhhh! I want to wake up in the morning! This is way too early. L Tomorrow night (it’s actually tonight), I will make this work! I need to make this right. But yeah, I know what to do but it’s certainly not easy as I say. Because? I know what to do but I didn’t do what I know! It’s really hurtful statement, but the reality is like that!

“It’s not enough just to know what to do, it’s more important to do what you know!” – Unknown

            Read it back! Please wake up! We always says that, “yeah, I know that. But it’s not gonna work for me” or something like this “I know that would happen! But I didn’t do it”. You can define it from positive or negative perspective but I prefer to talk in positive side.
            For student like me, I always said that “I need/want/will do that revision and finish it (fill in the blank whatever statement you used to do)”. But what actually we did? I don’t know about you guys but me? I end up doing other things or maybe doing nothing! I kept telling to myself inside my mind but didn’t do anything. Make up some excuses, calm myself off and saying that this is normal. It’s just so amazing when you can make yourself feel good/calm/better/comfort when you did something not good or uncomfortable or whatever that can make you feel guilty. Sound harsh? Too bad, this is reality! *ouch!*
            For a melancholic like me, the tendency of thinking in details is one of my characteristic. But, in the same time, I don’t like thinking too much! It’s just making my head and mind in chaos state. You are playing and battling with yourself inside your mind. It’s really painful and annoying. I want to act like I don’t care or it doesn’t bother me, but it run inside my mind. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But it’s okay, nobody perfect. I’ve tried to do it. Not working 100% but surely has impact and getting better. “I feel regret for doing nothing when I can do something about it” Or “I’m glad I did that during that time”. Which one you prefer? Good morning people! Have a nice day.

P/S: feel more relaxed now. I think I can study now. J

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