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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just another update. :)

Hello! We meet again diary! Exam done! Yeah! My last paper was on 18th of January. Integrated Marketing Communication, or in simple but incomplete meaning, advertising. Although the paper gap is quite wide, but I can say that I completely blank during the exam. Who will care anyway? Hahahaha. That evening I went to play volleyball and that’s hang out with my friend, Vun and Eddy at Khaleel till 2am.

 On 19th January, nothing much I did in the daytime, sleep whole day! Went to meeting for University Ambassador program at 8.30pm. At 9.30pm, I went to Georgetown with Vun and Yati. Too bad for Vun, he got stopped by police and using some ‘discussion’, he got off. Luckily I didn’t get caught. If yes, say good bye to my P license that will end this march (finally, after waiting for 2years).  We meeting for I’m not sure how many hours but I reach my room at 5am and sleep at 5.30am.

20th of January, SRN (Sekretariat Rukun Negara) USM went to Pulau Jerejak for Leadership Camp. It was so much fun doing adventurous activities! I really love it! Jungle trekking, suspension bridge, flying fox, wall climbing, swimming, water polo’ing, and lepaking (ok, the lepaking was made up) were awesome! And my manly side was shining so bright! Now, I’m a ‘bro’ among my friends! Well, I’m not the ‘gigirl’ type from the beginning. Hahahaha. Not forgotten to mention, my leg cramped 2 times when I swimming and water polo’ing! Luckily I could recover fast. It was very damn tiring day! Pictures time~ *the pictures are not in sequence order*

Me and Khai racing in wall climbing, I lead! (which is later become 2nd..hahahah)
Resting beside the pool
I'm with Munchee
Give cool pose ever body.hahahahha
Again with Munchee
I'm with Shahrul at the boat

Vun with Khai. Peace! ^^V
Feeling cool~ hahahaha
Vun and Khai again. :)
Like family picture.. hahahhaha 
Vun is so excited, Khai and Shahrul embarrassed. hahahaha. 
Before start our jungle trekking
Vun is exhausted, Munchee excited and Khai is happy kid~ hahahaha
Before going down to the jetty.
Morning ice breaking session
Before go through the suspension bridge
Yay! jumping at suspension bridge
I’m about to sleep when Munchee said she want to do surprise birthday for Eddy! I can’t say no, arghhhh. So I go along with the plan. Eddy was very surprised! Munchee call him and tell him that her arm got dislocated again. He got panicked and run to see her. I and Shahrul prepared to surprise him. He was very shocked, we got him this small 4 cake and light up 2 big candle and 2small candle, indicate 22nd birthday. Sweet serendipity for him? Remind me of my 20th birthday, I celebrated with my youngest 2years old brother. 2big candle for me, 2small candle for him lighted on the same cake for both of us. So sweet right? I sleep around 1.30am last night, after finished uploaded photos. *again photos every body~*

He look cute here with his small cake. :)
Munchee with her portion.
Shahrul with his portion. *he will strangle me for uploading this not macho photo..hahahha*

The birthday boy.

Me with my portion.

Only four of us, the rest are too exhausted to join us. :)
Today, 21st of January, I’m sitting in a gift shop. I work here since last September but quit for a while because of assignments due and exam. Now, I’m back to work again. I love to work here because it is relaxing and I can learn something new. Not every day but it’s better than waking up every afternoon doing nothing in my room. Apart from that, I can earn some money plus the boss is so good to me. Her family also very nice, they treat me well. My work also very flexible and not supervised strictly, so I can work freely and comfortably. It’s not that they didn’t watch me, but I’m supervised with CCTV. Still I find it’s okay than they watching here in this shop personally. I just love the feeling in here. J

Smile ! ^^V

with the ribbon that I do and my sleepy face! >.<"

P/S: a bit late to complete since I’m about to sleep just now, so I try to do some ribbon, to avoid me from sleeping. Hahahahahah. I miss to tie ribbon and I learn to do it here!

Last picture! Bye! :)

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