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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

♥ life :)

            Hello! We meet again! I really miss to take my time and properly write here. J Tonight is the night! ♥ I’ve been like super busy completing assignments. Not forgotten to handle stupid people that doesn’t understand the phrase, “Please don’t disturb me”. Now, I can say that I’m a bit relaxed. Although the final is approaching, to be precise, we are now in the study week, it is more relax than the ‘assignments sprint’. My early plan was going to Malacca, but I guess it just have to wait. L (Wait for me Malacca, I’ll come to you♥) Last submission for assignments is on 21st December and last class on 22nd December. After the last class, I straightly went to Queensbay Mall with Kim and Joe. We eat at Azuma and spend quite a lot of money! And on 23rd December, Friday, I and Kim went to Jelutong Night Market and it was havoc! Again money ‘flowing like pipe water’! (I have to restraint myself from going to Sg Dua Night Market on Saturday!)

            That was basically my short introduction for this post. Actually I want to talk about my parents. I said to myself that after my last class, I would call them and talk with them. Well, we haven’t talking to each other since I am busy with my assignments, classes, activities, etc. I miscall my father yesterday and he did mention that I didn’t call him for a long time. We had this short conversation and I think I did say something not so grateful to him. (I’m such ungrateful huh? Well, I just can’t avoid treating him as my friend. Like, seriously. ) I really have to say that it was really different feeling while talking to him yesterday! I was so excited (always excited actually) and feel that I really miss him like a ‘lot-lot’. Hahahahahahaha. I want to have longer conversation but he is quite busy. Well, compared to me, his ‘assignments’ never end. He have to maintain the ‘assignments’ to come, if not, how to feed an ‘eating monster’ in Penang? I love you daddy and I’m looking forward to have a conversation with you. J
            I did mention that I want to call my parent and I did have conversation with my daddy. How about my mummy? She called me! J For this few months, she called me like at least once in a month. I’m updated with the latest issues in my village according to the time she called. And off course family updates too. Although she shares quite a lot, I know she kept a lot too. She keep mentioning that don’t worry about home, focus in your study, eat well, sleep well, etc. it was common advise from a mum right? But I still find it awkward and somehow emotional about it. For me it’s not common, not to say I’m such ungrateful daughter, but I don’t like that kind of conversation. It makes me emotional. It makes me feel guilty for used to argue and scold her. (Okay, I’m not an obedient daughter, a rebel and also a troublemaker) Mother-daughter conversation, I used to crave for this conversation, long time ago and most of my childhood is wasted for longing this conversation. Now here I am today, (growing up without family basic etiquette, sometimes rude, and doesn’t understand family situation?) I’m not sure?  But it’s not too late; I still can have the mother-daughter conversation. Time passed by, many things had happened, it’s not really good, but still have the good side of it. That helps me to remain positive in negative situation. Mummy, thanks for calling. I’m just not good in expressing my emotion through action (except writing) and mistakenly as ‘not affected’ or ‘slightly affected’ or maybe ‘over it’. Whatever! Who will really cares about it anyway, right? J
            Okay, it’s almost 3.30am in the morning. I have to get some sleep, have to wake up later and face the world. Sweet dream and sleep tight~
P/S: something I want to share. This is life should be, at least for me. :P

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