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Sunday, November 11, 2012

change place

Few days ago, I said I'm at UKM. Now I'm at UTP. Hahaha. Just reached yesterday night and the program will finish today! Well, at least I wouldn't have to go back from UiTM Shah Alam after the closing ceremony for SUKIPT. 

Last time I write about chilling huh? On Friday, my kumite category competition. Lose and nosebleed, again. And as expected, I get more nagging. Which caused me almost punch on the person face. Emotional won't get you anywhere though. So? I ignore. The next day (Saturday), it was team kumite competition. We are constraining our angry. It's not good nagged in the morning. Seriously. But that day, we manage to fight 3 team. UniSZA, UPM and UiTM. We only won in the match against UniSZA. I get a solid slap kick to the body which I refer as blasting kick. My rib cage hurt! The medic team checked and they said no broken rib cage. phew! UPM? We been scored 8-0 before time out. Wish come true for me. I haven't fight with any national team before this. They didn't send representative for my weight category I guess. Then we fought for 'repecharge' with UiTM. I managed to meet with Sabahan girl and she is so awesome! *Do I sound gay saying something like that? hahahaha* But she is really cool. ;) 

P/S: My friends from Taylor's fetch me from UKM to UTP. It was indeed a long journey and controversy journey. Reach UTP with mixed feeling and now I'm sitting in front of my laptop. Just finished my slides for branding and sent it to my group leader. I'm super sleepy now, barely can open my eyes. Good night. Miss you sayang. :')

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