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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rest day

Today I didn't go to work. This morning I feel like there's stone thumping my head. These few days, I've restless for unknown reason. Maybe it's my limit. My body and mind is too tired.

Skip that. Since I didn't go to work, I decided to sort my CIMB card at Jaya Shopping Centre. It's so convenient because we have Uber. 

My driver to there, Winnie, is a customer service for bank. We talked about how credit card actually made a lot of people bankrupt. They spent the money that they don't have. It's a good thing that the Central Bank have tightened their policy on this.

My transaction at CIMB is smooth too. They don't have a lot of customer so I managed to settle my card less than 10 minutes (plus the waiting). Walking around the shopping mall with less tgan RM50 in my pocket but I still bought a pair of nice jeans for RM30. Value buy!

I opt for Uber to go back. Got this Indian uncle driver that actually work as a bakery manager before went full time as Uber driver since January. We talked about the fuel price increase within this 2 month. It's absurb because tge world oil prices actually decreasing. Oh Malaysia! He is a nice man that actually concerned about my safety and ask me to be careful in this neighborhood. Thank you uncle. 

This happened within 2 hours today. I'm still worried about my work but I can't afford to collapse at this season considering the hectic of this month. It's a good rest and good day. I'm more energized to do my work tomorrow.

P/s: I need to manage my work and rest tine properly. My stress is quite severe. Hair falling like mad. I might become bald soon. 😭

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