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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Love Yourself

It's hot. It's humid. And I'm forcing myself not to fall asleep here.

Ya, its Sunday people. And its really unusual for me to be outside my room and to be in this condition. Well, I need to work today. Don't get me wrong. My intention is not to complaint. Some of my colleagues worked since yesterday. This is just my way to distract myself from sleeping and let my head/brain to think how to continue writing.

Last night, I went out to buy a dress. Basically, I don't like to buy clothes not because I don't like clothes but there are 2 reason.

1. Size
2. Price

I'm not that big but its really annoying when the clothes that you like don't have your size. Too often it will be too small. Then you found the clothes you like, with your size, bam! There goes the price. *sigh* not to be forgotten, the shaming that you got. *clapclapclap*

For the pricing, I can opt for cheaper one. Which I always did. For the size? I just walk away from the shop and frustrated about it. Talking about procrastination.

As a matter of fact, I won't comfort myself for the damage that I had done. Let's work on repairing the damage.

I think I can stop now. Waiting for the queue to go back. *positive*

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